Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine's Day Outfit

For a very special Valentine's Day this year with the most beautiful man in the world! Too bad I'm not ballin' yet, otherwise I'd be all over these ASADEI BLACK SUEDE pumps, so sexy!  Hopefully this dress fits me because I would like to have it for a very special romantic Italian dinner.  My body is changing so much, it's difficult to find clothes that don't make me look terribly fat so we'll see how this looks.  I know that if it does not work out I'll probably be able to find something else at F21, if not I will go with a back up which is a vintage black dress I own with tiny diamonds on the sleeves and cleavage (gasp)!

Outfit Details:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snoop is WHITE!

This just made my evening, I LOVE him.

The 40's, Feathers and Big Hair

What am I loving now?  The Golden Age collection from Urban Outfitters. This is usually not my style, but I can't stop thinking about how awesome these looks are!  I think I'm just thinking about simplicity and toning it down a bit for the Spring (less black and animal prints) but mostly because I'm ready to be able to wear cute shorts like these.
I don't know who Marion Cotillard is but I am totally obsessed with the outfit she wore to the SAG Awards.  The dress is amazing, the color is hot and the feather detail at the bottom is super fun.  I've secretly been thinking about owning a dress with feathers on it because I don't really see too many gals wearing something like this aside from super fancy posh events via  Aside from Marion's great dress were the shoes!! Gawd damn they are perfect!  I love a good platform and I can't wait to be able to wear big shoes like these again!
Lastly, the Chanel Couture 2010 collection is lovely and everything that Chanel is, but the hair is da bomb!  The crazy volume is excessively perfect with the giant bow right in the middle, bam!  I don't know if I'll ever be able to duplicate this do because I am not gifted when it comes to styling my hair, but maybe I can do something similar with half of my hair up and the rest down.

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Urban Outfitters via email mailer
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Lovely at the Golden Globes

I enjoy watching awards shows for the red carpet alone. There are two events in particular that I love, the Academy and the Golden Globe Awards. I think the fact that the women dress in the finest designer gowns is why I look forward to watching them year after year. Last night's Golden Globes were the highlight of my evening indeed. These are my absolutely favorite looks of the night.
Drew Barrymore in Atelier Versace. I think it's safe to say the trend of the Golden Globes was the one shoulder dress: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick, Joan Allen and Amy Poehler opted for this. I especially loved Drew's one shoulder dress because it was the focal point of her look and it glittered!
Julianna Margulies in Narciso Rodriguez. This lady looked
so hot in this dress! It was fitting and the red was absolutely the perfect detail to the black dress because it had sparkle. Because her dress had that detail she wore black tiny earrings, which I thought was brilliant.
Chloƫ Sevigny in Valentino. This dress looked beautiful on TV. I loved the detail of the ruffles and I was particularly drawn to this because I've been eyeing soft, girly, pastel pieces. I think ever since I saw the powder peach dress from H&M I've been thinking about looks like these, I'm so sad I did not buy it because it was perfectly beautiful and it was only $40.

The best dressed in my opinion was Christina Aguilera, wow she looked so lovely! I loved her whole look because it was classy and youthful. I've never been a fan of her fashion choices because they've been super tacky, but this totally redeemed all her monstrous choices from the past. Her haircut was so cute too! She is a beautiful woman indeed and her dress was a piece of art, the color and the amazing detail on the bodice was totally wonderful. This dress fitted so well on her it was like it was made just for her and that's really how a dress or an article of clothing should look on a person.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wish Wish

Damn, I need a sugar daddy...
I really want acid wash jeans. Been wanting them for a long time now. Too bad I can't fit into pants from Forever 21 because I would be all over these. The shoes are totally hot as well. Shit, the whole look is perfect actually.

OMFG! This dress is effing awesome! I would wear it with my thigh high black suede boots from Chinese Laundry.  This top also makes me quite happy, I NEED it! Gosh I can't wait for finer weather, it's been chilly and it has also started to rain, not crackin'!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Led Zeppelin

A little rock n roll, everyday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There's something about cuteness that drives me nuts. I think I have the same exact tastes as I did when I was in the sixth grade. I remember when Sanrio opened a store in my city and spending every Sunday allowance on something from there. So when I got an iphone a few days ago I knew I had to pimp it with a Hello Kitty case. I happened to snatch the last Tokidoki for Hello Kitty case at the mall, love this collection...

And then there's my planner, cuteness all around!

I've had this jewelry case for six years or so, it's Monkichi! This is the ideal case to take on a trip, it's small and you can pack a lot of jewelry.

And since I'm obsessing about cuteness, I love my new Betsey Johnson earrings.

And the perfect hair accessory is a hair pin just like these. Small, simple and CUTE.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update of the Future

When you let so much time pass by without a proper post and so much happens it's difficult to recap everything so the December post will have to remain in my memory. I'm sorry I'm in a bit of a lazy mood and the fact that my laptop takes ages to upload iphoto is another factor to my lack of motivation to share all those photographs with you. Worst blogger in the world I know. I'm sure the photos and the memories will come up on the blog in the future, but for now I'll just share about the present.

I'm having a baby boy in May! I feel so blessed and exited to be a mom and I can't wait to have my little one in my arms. I wanted to give an explanation before you start noticing my bump. You can almost miss it unless you catch me from the side!