Friday, July 30, 2010

Coolest Celebrity Couple Ever?

American Vogue June 2010

I know, I'm kinda late on this but it deserves obsession from my part.  This couple is just too awesome.  Not only is Jack White the best contemporary musician, but his wife Karen Elson is one of the coolest models ever.  I love that they finally decided to be photographed together like this, it was about time.  Her hair is also totally amazing!!! I've been wanting to dye it that same exact hue for two years now, but I'm a bit scared it might turn copper like last time I did.  It wasn't that cute let me tell ya!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet Music

When I first heard "California Gurls," it was on MTV and it was the music video.  I thought: what the hell, Snoop is supposed to be a gangsta...I watched it again today and I think the whole thing is pretty tight.  I don't really know Katy Perry's music and even though the song is pop as hell, it's definitely cute and I can't hate on that.  

Awesome things about the song: it's about California girls and Snoop is in it.  Loving the video because: of the Candy Land theme, the colorful wigs Katy and the ladies wear, their glittery eye makeup, and then there's the cupcakes, lollipops, gummy bears, cotton candy and other sugary treats.  The whole video is really a little girls dream come true!

Favorite Snoop quote, "I love the Bay just like I love L.A."

All images from the Katy Perry Official Website

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Girl With Green Eyes and Miu Miu Rocks

TCM is da shit, seriously.  The other day I happened to catch Girl With Green Eyes.  The film had already started, but I decided to watch it because the main actress, Rita Tushingham has the most unique look.

The film is directed by Desmond Davis who I've never heard about.  The story is kinda sad because it's about Rita's character Kate who falls in love with an older man, Eugene played by the actor Peter Finch.  She's a girl from a village living in Dublin with her roommate.  Her youthful energy attracts Eugene and she is thrilled by his maturity, but their love doesn't really work out because the age gap becomes a problem.  I seriously wanted to cry when I saw this because I really wanted them to be in love and together, but it didn't work out in the end because they are just so different in regards to where they're at in their lives.

The film poster is kinda sad because it totally embodies how Kate feels about him.  She is totally engrossed and wants to be part of his life so badly.  Tears....

Now, for some out of control happiness: the Miu Miu 2011 Resort Collection

Miu Miu Photos by

I've died and gone to heaven, seriously.  This collection is amazing!  It has a bit of some of my favorite things: the 40's, 70's, stripes, polka dots, cute patterns (apples), sky high platforms and super cool jewelry.  The styling is also very pretty, voluminous hair and red glossy lips are always a plus.  I also like how different patterns are mixed, I'm definitely into that right now.  

Lately I've been keeping it minimal with the accessories though, maybe it's the heat? Something about feeling super hot and having a lot of stuff on you is not really appealing at the moment.  Don't get me wrong though, I love my jewelry, especially stacking up bracelets and big earrings.  Here's a recent outfit shot, it was sorta windy that day.