Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Jessica Simpson makes horrid music, but that gurl has a great shoe collection for sale. Her styles are very sexxy, here are some of my favorites listed on her website now...

Delsi- These puppies are so rich and beautiful. I love the velvet! This is more of an autumm shoe and I bit more proper, I would rock them to work if I did not work with children, but I suppose they would work really well with vintage pieces because they look retro.

Genaviv- Take me on vacation with these!! I feel like I should be wearing these with a nice sun dress, sexxy. This is definitely the shoe to floss right now, just be careful if you wear them to the club because you can fall on your ass and scrape your knee, yes I have a bummed knee (thanks to my new Steve Madden's).

Speaking of Steve Madden...

Partiee- Just like the name says, these shoes are for PARTYING! Partiee reminds me of a pair I purchased for New Years Eve this past year and totally destroyed when I fell on my ass, hey there was a crack on the ground! Wow, I think this is a sign that I need to wear lower shoes....NOT!!!! I love these platforms because they are quirky, fun and I would rock them with a dress to show them off.

Caged- These are the ultimate trendy shoes and they are so fucking hot and beautiful. My homegurl would say they are "prostituta" shoes.

This is the original by YSL, Cage Boot, running for $1,000...

Hmmmm, trip to NYC or YSL Cage Boots? That's an easy one! SHIT NYC!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

This is one of my favorite places I have ever been to and my absolute favorite museum ever! You really need a whole day to visit because it is massive and there are thousands of pieces to look at, imagine, reflect and appreciate upon. My favorite exhibit is the Egyptian room, which I actually don't have photos of to share at this particular moment. The highlight of this visit to the museum (October 2008) was the Jeff Koons rooftop exhibit. My homegurl and I caught it just a few days before it was removed and I'm so glad we did because not only are the statues larger than life, but they look like actual balloon animals. By the way, the rooftop of the museum has the BEST view of the city and Central Park.

Still Lusting Over You Baby

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

The other day while doing some downtown bummin in the RDub I came across the Phantom Galleries and this particular Alice in Wonderland piece, sadly I did not get the name of the artist and I can't find it online:

My favorite is the caterpillar taking tiny puffs on the mushroom, very cute. While I was doing image research I came upon this, which I thought was very interesting because it has the same color scheme as the pieces above...

Image by Katerie Arnaud

...and then I began thinking about all the great Alice in Wonderland photography I've seen lately, such as this ad for Disney with a certain bootylicious diva/wifey of a certain rapper:

But I'd have to say that my absolute favorite Alice in Wonderland portrayal has been this fashion spread by Annie Leiboitz, which came out in Vogue a few years ago.

This Alice is model Natalia Vodianova and you may recognize some of the designers. My favorite photo hands down is the one with John Galliano, I LOVE him. He's so dramatic and creative, I bet he styled his own photo. All this Alice in Wonderland business got me thinking about the new Tim Burton film. What's up with that? I can't find a decent trailer because it may be a bit too early, but here are some cool shots of the principal characters:

Alice is played by Mia Wasikowska, and Australian actress who is fairly new to the screen and it couldn't be a Tim Burton film if Johny Depp wasn't in it (hey, I'm not complaining!) so he plays the Mad Hatter in this one. I totally can't wait for it to come out!

Alice photo by Ross/Goff photos and the Mad Hatter photo, photographer unidentified

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inspiration from Europe

I've been noticing that many of the European ladies photographed by the Facehunter are sporting polished, but messy buns at the top of their heads. I really like this hairdo because not only does it look badass, but it's super simple to style and it totally keeps you cool during the day when it's 165 degrees outside.

Above three photos by the Facehunter

And here's my European bun, not as high as I would have liked it to be but I can't complain because my hair length is only a bit bellow the shoulder. Also, long flashy earrings are necessary when your hair is not in the way. Mine are from H&M and the Metallica tee is from a Meet and Greet event I went to about a year ago where I got to say hi to the band. It is customized by yours truly.

Sometimes when I put an outfit together I think, "What would so and so wear?" The other day I thought, "What would Pete Doherty wear?"

Aside from the fact that Pete (via England) is a mess he makes beautiful music (too bad he can't get his act together and get permission to tour the states) and he dresses damn well. It's a little 70's bohemian with the attitude of "I don't give a fuck if I look like I haven't showered in three days." Just to clarify, I showered before wearing this...

The dress is from H&M, it had a high collar but I cut that ish off because it was a bit claustrophobic. I'm wearing a tank underneath because otherwise there would be a nip slip. The belt is from the Gap, shoes are Chinese Laundry, the hat has no brand, and the bracelets were bought at several locations: Berkeley Indian shop, Haight Street and Target.

Pete photos by Time and Celebslap

Saturday, June 20, 2009

DC Part 2: The Outfit

It's been hell looking for a "floral" dress for Ingrid's wedding (two of my homegurls bought floral dresses so I can't be the odd sheep). Of course I wanted to buy vintage, but the regular spots: Wasteland and Crossroads didn't have shit to offer. I did not want to start looking at the mall, but I really did not have a choice so I checked out Macy's and no luck there either. Well, there was a cute Anna Sui dress that looked vintage, but I did not want to pay $80 for it because I set myself a super low dress budget of $50. Frustrated and empty handed I went home and looked through all of my dresses and I decided that I will wear the one bellow because frankly it's ideal for a wedding. I feel kinda naked from the top, but I figure I can drown my chest in a mirage of necklaces or hair. The bottom is totally outdated because it has a tail on one side, hella 90's so the solution is to chop it and make it even and a bit more youthful. I decided to use the money that I would have spent on the dress to buy new shoes, why not right? I had slight trauma from all the giddiness when I saw these two platforms on super sale for $40 each pair and I just couldn't leave the store with one but not the other. I will have to take photos of the shoes on me because they are so fresh and beautiful and totally rock n roll. My Steve Madden's are actually navy blue which will go perfectly well with pretty much everything that I own, but they look so cute in lilac too, don't you think? Btw, I still haven't decided which ones I will actually wear with the dress and I still have to choose a hairstyle and jewelry from my own collection so this outfit is not yet complete. 12 more days til' DC!

The Dress

Shoes by Carlos Santana

Shoes by Steve Madden