Friday, June 12, 2009

Fitted to See the Yeah Yeah Yeah's

Check out the punk rocker look I was sporting last Saturday when I went to BFD.  I had to make a cut through my Yeah Yeah Yeah's tee because it was hella tight, but it was fun wearing it as a vest because I don't really wear vests too often.  I also cut tiny holes through my nylons for a little texture. Actually I'm not gonna lie, I had a run and I just went a bit crazy with the scissors so I wouldn't have to throw them away.  I love my little vintage bag gifted to me by my dear friend Savvy, but sadly the little gold crocodile fell off during the mosh pit, thanks Steve Aoki. Btw I'm trying to start a trend: transforming little purses into fanny packs.  It's hard to find a cute fanny pack that's not too casual. The ones I've seen are nylon and even though they are precious the outfits that you can wear them with are limited, plus transforming a purse to a fanny pack is FREE!

Ps- I realize that I did not talk about the Yeah Yeah Yeah's at BFD in my last post and that's because I had a shitty spot and the sound was horrible.  Honestly, I don't really feel like I got a good feel of their performance, sad.

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  1. Nice creative way of salvaging outfits that could've not worked out. Love the creative way of cutting the shirt in the middle and using it as a vest, that's is genius. And the purse love it! Funny thing that I am looking into getting the belt for my Louis Vuitton fanny pack that I've been using as clutch and 2 weeks ago I felt the need to wear it as a fanny pack..