Saturday, November 19, 2011


Changed the look of my blog a bit.  Thought it be nice to slap a huge collage of my face for my stalkers to drool on to, so you're welcome.  That's me in my leopard fur.  I'll be wearing this more often now that it's a bit nippy out.  I'll also be eating more french cuisine.  Treated myself to a lunch feast just a few hours ago.

And with my sweet birthday (Saggitarius, read up on me) and Christmas coming up in just a few weeks (time does go fast!) I thought i'd be nice and peachy to write about the material things I lust for...

There's a lot more goodies I'd like to get my hands on, but for now I should really nap and abandon this computer.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art Post Part Deux

Here's part two of the huge art post.  Looking through all these photos reminded me how different each piece is from one another.  San Francisco is one of the tightest city ever because the population is so diverse and everyone has their own style.  These art pieces for instance are all painted on walls in just one alley so it litetally embodies that. 

I've still got gangload of photos from this photo session to post.  I've also accumulated a whole other collection of shots of art and randomness that I'd love to share.  It's quite late now for me now so I must get ready for bed.  Fingers crossed I won't fall asleep as soon as I hit my bed so I can have a few minutes to read Lincoln's Virtues- An Ethical Biography :)

Ps...I got my hair did again...

I went a shade lighter, why the fuck not right?  And here's a close up on my nails...

All powder.  You know what I'm talking about if you know a thing or two about nails.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time Is Too Expensive

Blogging has definitely not become a priority.  It has been in my mind pretty much everyday though.  I'm creating posts in my head and sometimes they actually get put in a notebook of ideas along with the other ten million things I would like to get accomplished someday.  I feel completely out of the radar, I haven't read any blogs in months and just barely today I looked through the September issue of Nylon.

Yesterday I went to the salon to get my nails did and as I looked through a magazine while I waited my turn I almost had a heart attack when I read that Target's current GO International collection was none other than FUCKING MISSONI.  Now, it was tight when Luella Bartley and Proenza Schouler did the same thing, but Missoni is a classic Italian fashion house; which means I would never be able to purchase an item from their collection because I'd feel extremely guilty for spending $1,000 on a skirt when I have a child.  The thought of me being able to actually own a Missoni piece was too joyful, but then my comadre alerted me that it sold out in a day.

Lesson learned: I have to carve time in my schedule to be up on this shit, somehow.  This is pretty difficult considering the fact that I bust my ass everyday and honestly the only thing I would like to do at the end of the day is put my ass to bed and get my beauty rest.  So basically I'll be posting again in a month or so because who knows when I'll have time to do this again.  Maybe before then I'll have the opportunity to read the September issue of Harper's Bazaar that's been sitting on my desk...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Opposites Attract

Really, really sorry Borders is closing.  I thought at least they'd keep the one by my crib.  Fuck, damn it technology.  This seriously irritates me because going to check out new releases is fun.  At least there's City Lights Bookstore.  This reminds me of a recent conversation with a friend about technology fucking up the art of naturally making sound.  This led to turntableism and how amazing and rare it is.  Also the fact that it is so easy for anyone to be a musician and how scary that is.

Now, for something more pleasant, the promised art post.  This is part one of at least two other massive art updates.  Gosh it feels like I shot these ten years ago, but it was actually just a few weeks ago.  The other day while chillen in da dopest city in the world, I noticed that many of the pieces on the alley located in the Mission District were new.  I think I shot each and every one of them.  Some I photographed again even though they were old because I loved them too much the first time I laid eyes on them. 

Shout out to this dude for letting me take his pic.

is a bitch :)

I'm getting a wee bit ahead of myself, but I just can't resist looking through the Christian Dior 2012 Resort Collection. 

I'm pretty content at the fact that long dresses will still be around next year.  My closet has gotten plumper with my maxi dress section.  Once I get a light in there I'll photograph it because it looks pretty dope right now.  Everything is color coordinated and by style like I like it.

Before I forget, I went to check out Teatro ZinZanni and the whole experience was pretty surreal.  It was like I was warped back to the late 1800's and I felt a bit like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.  There is a strict no photo policy so I was unable to photograph the show, food (lobster tail!) and dranks I consumed (Bubbly and Pinot Griggio) but I can assure you that it was absolutely marvelous.  I really liked the woman who sang opera because I've always secretly wished I could sing like that and to my damn surprise the lead actress la Madame was Joan FUCKING Baez!!!  Amazing...
CD Photos via

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Uptown Girl

I've been thinking about getting shoes from Jeffrey Campbell and while looking through their website I came across their Fall 2011 Lookbook- Uptown Girl.  My favorite fall looks were the psychedelic and snake skin prints, so fierce.

<3 these shots too.

I have too many favorites, but I'm super digging the last ones because I know I would get the most wear out of them. I'm going to marinate a bit before I decide whether or not I want to fork out $125.  Hey, at least Solestruck has free shipping! ;)