Monday, March 30, 2009

You Were Never Lovelier

I am totally biased when it comes to films. I am a bit pretentious, but not hard core like some people who won't even dare set foot in a century theater. I like to watch quality, beautiful films with style, dialogue, cinematography that get my brain going and I also tend to lean towards film noir. Gosh I love films made between the 1930's-1960's! I think a major reason to my liking are the beautiful clothes worn by the ladies of these classic films.

For the past month I've been hooked on TMC channel and have watched some fantastic films such as "You Were Never Lovelier" starring Rita Hayworth (real name: MARGARITA Carmen Cansino) and Fred Astaire, directed by William A. Seiter in 1942. The film is about a wealthy family who has four beautiful daughters, the eldest gets married and the two younger sisters are eager to marry their fiances, but are forbidden by their father until daughter #2, Rita Hayworth aka Maria gets married first. Maria is totally uninterested with every man around her until she starts receiving gardenias from a mystery man who she thinks is Fred Astaire aka Robert Davis.

Rita looks so beautiful here! One particular dress grabbed my attention because it is just so lovely. Here is the scene where she is dancing so damn gracefully wearing the gorgeous dress. Notice the lace detail on the boob area, the low back, the two diamond broaches at the waist, and the length and tule layers. Her hair and makeup are just so perfect as well, she looks like a princess.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Harrison Legacy Continues

It's been a few weeks since I had known this piece of information and even though I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget I did until I was logging onto my Myspace and tada....ThenewNo2 is the artist being featured. Typically I don't click on the hot new artist because the bands end up being an insult to rock music and complete emo-dance-electro-same-old bullshit, but this is the band of Dhani Harrison the son of THE George Harrison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I clicked on the profile and my high expectations (he is after all the son of a music God) were met. The band consists of Dhani on on lead guitar, synths and vocals and Oli Hecks on drums and synths and on tour there are three other members. I think it's hella cute that they listed The Beatles as an influence on their Myspace, aw...Ps the chorus to "Choose What You're Watching," does not say "The Beatles" haha, I looked up the lyrics and it actually says, "And your face should be illegal."

Photo by Ron Handler

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Man Who Loves the Color Red

This is going to be an interesting film. Valentino is such a legend in the fashion world, I'm dying to hear and watch about how he works, who helps him carry out his vision, what inspires him and what he does when he's not creating.

I've been sorta lazy when it comes to blogging, I gotta get in the right mood to write well, but I better do it soon because I have a ton to write about: the Botticellis and the Von Bondies' shows I attended and The Bride of Frankenstein, which I watched in a theater (this film was made in 1935 btw). Gotta get those creative juices flowing...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Dead Weather

OMFG!!! Jack White has a new band!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Morning, Brings the Dawn In

Btw this photo was taken yesterday, I'm in my pj's as I type this...

Happy Sunday! This may be my favorite day of the week because I take it as a day to chillax and be lazy all day. I have a Hitchcock boxset that I can watch, or I might just venture into society and watch a film. The Stanford Theater is in full effect now and there are tons of film noir gems to watch. I haven't seen any of the films that were nominated for an Academy Award so that's an option as well. The day is very young and the possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's been like fifty years, but alas, the YEAH YEAH YEAH'S are releasing an album MARCH 10th, NEXT TUESDAY!!!

Please deliver YYY's: I was not HELLA impressed with the last album...but then again I tend to favor RAW, GRITTY rock and roll like your EP and first album. I am also praying to Saint Selena that you will drop the fourth member/second guitarist/keyboardist you were touring with. Nick Zinner you must also stop playing pre-recorded guitar parts live, that's what the DL 4 is for man!

The YYY's are also touring Europe and will perform at Coachella April 19th. I'm sure the US tour dates will be released soon and hopefully they will play at the Fillmore or Warfield like they did before.

Photo by: Josh Wildman

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

School Just Got A Whole Lot Better

This is beautiful. You can officially get your Master's Degree in the greatest band in the world, THE BEATLES. Liverpool Hope University will be offering this degree titled, "The Beatles, Popular Music and Society." This is pure genius, I've heard from pals at Berkeley and Santa Cruz that a class of the Beatles is offered at their schools, but this is on a whole different level. Awesome.

Original article can be found here:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oscars 2009

My top favorite Oscar gowns...

Nicole Kidman is always a knock out. Her picks for these glitzy events are simply beautiful. She always looks so classy. I loved her in this dress by L'Wren Scott (aka Mick Jagger's girl friend). I really appreciate the feather detail at the top and bottom of her dress, it reminded me of a show girl. Her hair style is also very simple, but elegant and her makeup is flawless. White is a hard color to wear and she wears it well.

This dress on Freida Pinto by John Galliano looked amazing on TV. The color popped and the sleeve glittered like hell. I love that it was sheer and it only covered one arm. She looked totally charming and in an interview she mentioned that her ring is a 150 year old diamond from India, that rocks.

Again, on TV this dress looked spectacular. From far away it looked like it was covered in tiny diamonds, but if you look closely they are plastic scales. Anne Hathaway looked like a trophy no doubt about that in this Armani Prive dress.

This dress worn by Evan Rachel Wood is totally classic. The train is not dramatically long and it hangs so effortlessly. Cream is a great color on her, she looks velvety smooth! Her red nails and clutch also give her the right amount of color punch. Dress by Elie Saab.

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