Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picnic With Your Man

I like to keep it classy with a bottle of Champagne. Dolores Park in San Francisco is usually the location for this romantic getaway. I recommend dressing up comfortably and this loose fitting dress and boots are just what I would wear to sit on the grass and chat with my significant other about life and love.

Purple heart sunglasses, $16-
Dahlia Headband, $15 -
Philippe Audibert | Amelia silver plated bracelet, $311-
Sheer Stripe Tights, $13 -
Lovers Lane Floral Dress, $86 -
Dr. Martens 1460 8 Eye Boot PINK SMOOTH 1460 Women's-
Picnic Basket from Bangladesh-
Red Plastic Cups- Grocery Store
Moet Champagne- Grocery Store
Sesame Salmon Rolls- Grocery Store
Fresh strawberries- Grocery Store

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Love You Lady

Ode to this lady, she looks mighty good. I'm digging what she is wearing, absolutely totally eclectic! Her use of color, texture (especially the bird on her head!), her divine hair color which I tried to obtain about a year ago and miserably failed, AND that awesome BLUE LIPSTICK! I wanna rock it....and I will. Who makes blue lipstick though?

Photo via the Facehunter

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Worst Fashion Show Ever at the VMA's

First, I'll start with the wackness and save the very best for last. There was more awful than good in my opinion, but then again the VMA's are always a hot tacky mess.

I don't even know who made her dress and I don't really care to find out. J-Lo looked like a jelly fish exploded all over her arms. She usually dresses pretty well, but I guess she was feeling the sea when she choose this look.

Now, I'm sure this dress by Jean Paul Gaultier is awesome by itself, but Lady Gaga had to go fuck it up by wearing a bird on her neck and a mask that covered half her face. She reminded me of Phantom of the Opera, the gothic version!

When I think of Dolce & Gabbana I think of sex, but for some reason Alicia Key's dress did not moan! I think this look would suit a 50-60 year old lady who is trying to spice up this classic silhouette. The giant green cocktail ring she's wearing looks pretty dope though.

I guess having a late night show takes a toll on one's look. The funny part is that late night tv is actually shot during the day, so Jimmy Fallon has no excuse to look like he just rolled out of bed! C'mon Jimmy, you're at an Awards show, put on a nice suit or at least wear something that's not straight out of the Gap Fall 2009 collection, jesus!

I think Prince already did this Diddy, their names are Nandy and Maya Mclean. He looked pretty pimp though, arriving with two lovely sistas, but his suit was not. I am not digging the white pipping, especially on the pants. Btw, I think the Hives rocked that look back in 1999.

Another attempt at being the center of attention. Kanye gets the award for the coolest accessory and I don't mean Amber Rose. She could have looked alright in that cat suit, if only she hadn't overdone it by wearing that giant neckpiece and earrings. But seriously Kanye, your shirt looks like it was made out of a black garbage bag and are those Timberland's? Weren't those hot back in 1997?

The best dressed list is very short. There weren't many people thinking right I guess...

I am so GLAD Beyonce did not CHOOSE to wear something out of the House of Dereon. I think it would be wise if she fired Mama Knowles because her shit is just plain fuggly. Roberto Cavalli looks so much better on her, I simply adore this red dress because it looks simple, polished and youthful.

And the BEST DRESSED at the 2009 VMA's was....

Kid Sister! I dig her glittery black pants and her shirt is the bomb! RIP Aaliyah.

Electric Lady's Day at the Park Outfit

I don't do enough outfit posts, so this will be an attempt to do it on a more frequent basis. This is the outfit I wore the other day on my outing to Dolores Park. I sported my beloved White House Black Market faux fur jacket, which has 3/4 sleeves. I bought it for $40 and it's probably my favorite coat I own. I'm also wearing a pair of denim Gap pants which I converted into shorts and a thrifted Ralph Lauren top. The sunglasses are Calvin Klein and the bag is by Paloma Picasso, gifted to me by my dear friend Kelly Bangs. I also took a closer shot of my nails, done by yours truly. I think I was subconsciously inspired by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's 'Show Your Bones' album cover. I used Sally Hansen polish which btw is the most inexpensive nail polish that lasts as long as OPI.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gangsta's Paradise

Look at what I found! These are a few out takes from the "Homegurl" photo shoot I did a few months ago with my sister. Despite the fact I look terribly emo it took a lot to not burst out laughing. Call me "La Sad Girl."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vintage Inspired City Girl Outfit

Seeing all these pieces together makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I wish the weather wasn't so hot so I could wear my faux fur coat. Well, I did yesterday as a matter of fact when I went on a little adventure to Dolores Park in the Mission District. The weather wasn't too cold, but I couldn't resist! Now for my dream outfit number one (I'll be posting more) started with the dress and I build the complete look around the color red because I've been thinking I need to purchase a pair of red tights for the new season. I haven't worn them in that color ever since Christmas 1994, but these by Betsey Johnson are just perfect because they are sheer and they have little hearts on them.

Out of Africa Bag-
Big Apple Earrings-
Age of Industry Ring-
Who's the Fairest Dress-
Kenzy Boots- Jessica Simpson
Cropped Faux-Fur jacket- Juicy Couture
Women's White Dial w/ Brown Mock Croc Strap Watch-
Love at First Tights in Red- Betsey Johnson
Lady Pharaoh Bracelet-
Painted Love Lipstick A-Go-Go- Kat Von D
Liquid Eye Liner- M·A·C

Friday, September 18, 2009

Evil Live 105 's Subsonic Halloween Spookfest

This looks pretty tight, perfect way to kick start the Halloween weekend. It's my favorite holiday you know.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Obsessed

About four years ago I decided to stop eating meat. It wasn't because I am a hardcore animals rights advocate or anything like that, but because I never ate too much of it to begin with. Honestly, I decided to just stop for the shits and giggles. I was a little scared to tell my Mexican family because they love carne azada, pozole, and chicken enchiladas and when I did they weren't very happy about it. They thought that I was being brainwashed and they worried about my health. I explained to them that in case they hadn't noticed I wasn't a fan of meat. Boiled meat for example is super gross to me and if it had a bone I would probably not eat it. I also liked my meat super cooked, to the point of being burnt because I could not stand seeing the redness of it. Even as a child when my abuelito would take me to eat tacos I would order them with beans and no meat. At first it was a little difficult getting used to it, every family function that involved eating there was always plenty of chicken and steak and I started preparing my meals because I did not want my mom to go out of her way to make me something different from what she was already cooking for my family. The one thing though I simply cannot give up eating is seafood. Damn I love shrimp and fish! I am a huge salmon fan, that's probably my favorite fish to eat and I love grilled shrimp or cooked just about any way.

Here are some shots of two of my non-meat meals, bean tacos topped with cilantro, onions, and three types of salsa. This is one of the most common Mexican dishes and you can buy them at pretty much every Mexican restaurant or taco cart if you live here in the bay...

...and all my San Jose homies are quite familiar with this delicious food from heaven, Torta de Queso from a spot downtown called Mexico Bakery. This phatty torta consists of a huge bun stuffed with cheese, onions, tomatoes, avocado, chiles jalapenos, and mayo. This place makes the yummiest tortas, aside from my family that is.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yvan Rodic You Are Great

You know what I am totally digging at the moment? Yvan Rodic aka the Facehunter's "Visual Diary." His photography is phenomenal. His shots are absolutely awesome- the colors, the backgrounds, the angles!! He always manages to find the coolest looking people around the world and photographs their unique personal style. His new blog not only documents people, but buildings and randomness as well. I'm so happy this man carries a camera with him wherever he goes because I feel like I am traveling with him. Yvan, you need to come to San Francisco and photograph yours truly!!!!!!

All photographs by the awesome photographer: Yvan Rodic

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Love You Karen O.

Last Thursday my gansta boo and I went to go see the Yeah Yeah Yeah's at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA. Due to the heavy traffic on 880 we got there hella late, and managed to see the band perform only four songs. Those songs were absolutely magical though- Karen O is da shit, seriously. This lady is bossy and even though I've seen the about a million times live, each occasion is like the first. I jumped and sang at the top of my lugs- some may say screamed out the songs, but I did not care because I was in heaven.

The last four songs were...
"Y Control"
"Date with the Night"

Here is some footage I managed to film. Not too bad considering the fact I was acting like a total maniac groupie during the show...

Ps: Pardon, the loud screams and my constant yelling "I Love You" to Karen.

Retro Has My Heart, Always

Anna Sui Fall 2009 Ready-To-Wear

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Ready-To-Wear

I love this shit. I've said this before- the best way to dress is when you incorporate vintage with current pieces, but if you happen to have extras G's laying around and can afford to dress in designer then vintage inspired clothing like this is the way to go. Anna Sui always makes hippie vintage-influenced pretty dresses like these, Jimi Hendrix ladies' would be proud to wear and no doubt about it Marc Jacobs is a retro king. I love him, ever since he made those awesome Sergeant Pepper coats back in the day. I appreciate the way his collections have a vintage feel. I'm really digging the hairstyles of his models too, especially the first one with the preppy 50's look.

All photos by:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bigger is Better

They do exist!! Being a puffy HOT Cheeto fan I was quite exited over the claim from my bf that this chip company made giant Cheeto balls. Ginormous balls of cheesy puff!!? How come I had never seen them before? And most importantly where could I purchase a bag? Well, ever since I found out this piece of information I went on a hunt to find these cheesy snacks. The pursue went on for a few weeks. I must have been to several liquor stores and countless grocery stores, but the search was never successful until a few days ago when he shut me up and presented me with a bag of these gems! I wish I had taken a photo of me actually consuming them, but I was so exited to try them that I totally forgot until it was too late and they were all gone!

They are so gigantic it takes at least three bites to eat one. These might have to be my new favorite greasy snack. I wonder if they make them HOT?

First photo by Luicidal
Second photo by Tim Loehrke, USAT

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At the Wasteland

One of my favorite spots to shop, no doubt about it is Wasteland in San Francisco. This store always has great vintage goods and the window displays are dope. Check out the latest one...

It's the Wizard of Oz meets Crazy Doll Wonderland! This will surely give kids nightmares!