Friday, September 11, 2009

I Love You Karen O.

Last Thursday my gansta boo and I went to go see the Yeah Yeah Yeah's at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA. Due to the heavy traffic on 880 we got there hella late, and managed to see the band perform only four songs. Those songs were absolutely magical though- Karen O is da shit, seriously. This lady is bossy and even though I've seen the about a million times live, each occasion is like the first. I jumped and sang at the top of my lugs- some may say screamed out the songs, but I did not care because I was in heaven.

The last four songs were...
"Y Control"
"Date with the Night"

Here is some footage I managed to film. Not too bad considering the fact I was acting like a total maniac groupie during the show...

Ps: Pardon, the loud screams and my constant yelling "I Love You" to Karen.


  1. aaaargh i hate you, karen o is unbelievabubbly cool

    and date with the night is the shizz ;)

    but if they played gold lion i probably would have pooped myself


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