Monday, February 23, 2009

Awesome Party Buddies

Jack White parties with Mick Jagger...

I'd shit my pants if I was in attendance, that's for sure.
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Lovely lady

Dita Von Teese looks stunning at a Pre-Oscar party. Always classy, heavily inspired by the forties, but with her own twist...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

San Francisco Art

This is just one reason why I love this city...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"That's so Gay!"

I originally posted this on my myspace blog a few months ago, but I feel it's important to repost it here in order to reach out to more people:

This is just my opinion, but my opinion is valid because I've actually spent time working at a diversity/cultural center so you gotta hear me out peeps:


HURT PEOPLE AND IS DISRESPECTFUL. We all love each other right? Well let's start by recognizing that even though these words are used freely like the word "NIGGER," they have a heavy effect.


Is not acceptable either, c'mon!!!!! WTF!!??!!

We are all individuals and have the beautiful power of freedom of speech, but when it comes down to it if we say that we have respect and continue to express ourselves this way, knowing that they degrade people then why do we continue to use them?

And of the record:


Insults people too (you know what this is if you are a Spanish speaker).

"Strange Enough"

This song came out a while ago, but I kept forgetting to look it up until now. Karen O. you still rock, I LOVE YOU gurl!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

A few days ago I watched "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" The film was absolutely amazing and it will forever remain embedded in my brain. It's sorta hard to watch because Jane Hudson "Baby Jane" is such a bitch to her sister Blanche and tortures the hell out of her.

The film begins in 1917 when Baby Jane is on stage with her daddy performing a cutesy song for a packed house. Baby Jane reminds me of Shirley Temple, but evil! She is totally demanding even though she is probably seven years old and the most spoiled little girl (she makes a scene in front of her fans when her dad refuses to get her an ice cream cone). Blanche, Jane's sister watches on the sidelines with their mother and promises to take vengance on little Baby Jane because she's annoyed of her fame and antics.

The film then jumps to a car accident scene where Blanche ends up paralyzed, talk about revenge! The sisters grow up, never marry and become roommates in a huge Hollywood mansion. Jane becomes the primary caretaker of Blanche and she is bitter to the core. She snaps when she finds out that Blanche is going to sell their house because they are running out of money and goes on a rampage to make Blanche's life a living hell!

The talented and beautiful Bette Davis plays a scary Jane Hudson and Blanche is played by no other than Joan Crawford. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this film not only because of the story, but because these two ladies where in it. Talk about power team! "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" is directed by Robert Aldrich in 1962.

Mad woman Jane!

"You will never leave this house ever again!"

Yes, that was a bitch slap

"Maybe if I wear my old Baby Jane dress I can relive my glory days!"

"I'm going to kidnap you now that I beat the shit out of you and starved you dear sister!"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Anaconda Found!

Holy fuck they found fossils of a giant snake! This is some crazy shit. The snake was 42-45 ft.long, weighted 2,500 lbs. and it lived 58 million to 60 million years ago. I love it. There's still so much about the world we have yet to know.

Photo by Nature Magazine
Original article here:;_ylt=AijAJ2f9ipNYfqj1JMLwi.6s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFlM3I5NzBuBHBvcwMxMTgEc2VjA2FjY29yZGlvbl9zY2llbmNlBHNsawNhbmNpZW50Zm9zc2k-

Sunday, February 1, 2009

San Mateo County History Museum Review

The San Mateo County Museum is a nice spot for kids and people who want to learn a few things about local history, but that's about it. This place is very "white" and it does not represent the community. I'd have to say that due to the fact that the museum is small there is so much that you can fit there so that might have something to do with the fact that it lacks a few things.

There is a room about transportation which is significant to this area because even though there are a lot of great old cities in the Bay it was difficult for people to get from one place to the next because of the lack of transportation. That changed with the arrival of the railways and we see a boost in the population, which leads to the next room.

The following room is about how it was easy for people to move to cities around the bay because there were developers who marketed the dream right and made it simple for people to own their own house and appliances. There's also a room devoted to the "Great Estates," which basically has furniture from the homes and portraits.

The hallways of the museum (which is actually the old San Mateo County Court House) used to be decorated with large photographs of various farming families, but now photos of the Great Estates have also occupied those spots. I loved these farming photos because it put a face to the families who have owned the farms and have kept the family business going through the generations.

My favorite room is called "Nature's Bounty" and it has a replica of an Ohlone house as well as some objects from the Mexican Rancho period, but the actual room is unkempt. There were drawers to pull out to view some objects that were important to this period but they were poorly organized. This room is mainly about how the natural resources of the area benefited the people who have occupied it. You also see a transition as you move along the room at the excess and complexity of things that were used to help the cities grow such as the Redwood trees used to build homes and the shell mounds recycled and made into cement to build the Hayward Bridge.

There's one room upstairs that highlights the various communities of the county, but even this room is kinda dry. There's basically a case with a costume and or artifacts in it to depict the community. For example, the Portuguese case holds a wedding looking gown with a huge red velvet cape with the image of Jesus on it. There's a small explanation about the dress, which basically says that it was worn by a queen. In the Portuguese American community there's a festival celebrated in which a lady is chosen to be queen. I liked learning about this, but I thought it was just a shame that the entire Portuguese community of San Mateo County was represented in the confinements of small case.

Since our goal was to look at how Mejicanos are represented in this museum I'd have to say that we are represented in the form of a traditional Adelita dress and a replica of a Dia De Los Muertos Altar.

In conclusion a lot of work needs to be done to teach the community about the history of Mejicanos in the San Mateo County. Gotta start writing that history!

Sweet Bird Of Youth

A few days ago I watched a very entertaining film about a man who leaves his lady back home with a dream to make it in show business and return to marry her. "Sweet Bird Of Youth" is directed by Richard Brooks, Paul Newman plays the wannabe actor, Geraldine Page plays the Hollywood actress he picks up along the way in hopes that she will give him the stardom he wants and Shirley Knight the heart broken girlfriend who wants nothing to do with him when he comes back to swoop her off her feet. The screenplay was written by Tennessee Williams, it was originally a play and it has been remade with Elizabeth Taylor.

The film caught my attention because "Alexandra Del Lago," the big shot actress is high and drunk during 99% of the film. She is miserable after running out of her own premiere upon hearing some ladies in the theater talking to themselves about who the "washed up" actress was in the film they were watching.

And not only is she a junkie, but she is a glamourous one!

Pizza, so tasty and difficult to find a good slice...

You know what I miss? I miss New York City pizza everyday of my life. Well almost everyday when I ache for it and I just let the desire go because no other pizza will satisfy my crave. There was a great spot on Haight Street, "Fat Slice" but the place got turned into a fast food falafel place. I remember running to the middle of the street in hopes a car would hit me and end my misery after I discovered that it was gone,but my mother stopped me and told me I was being silly. She has never tasted good pizza in her life before, obviously. "New York Pizza" down the street by Amoeba is not bad (potato pizza is delish!), but how I desperately want a simple slice of cheese pizza. I remember someone telling me that pizza from New York has a unique taste because of the water used to make the doug. This is very plausible, I guess I will believe it because it sounds right. Damn. Next time I'm in town I'm going to bring back a few slices with me in a large zip lock bag and freeze them. I will take small bites to hinder my craving. Gosh I sound like such a fiend...

Does anyone know of any local spots here in the Bay where I can find a good slice?

PS: DiGiornio frozen pizza is better than most pizza joints I've tasted, the doug is thick and fluffy, yum!