Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pizza, so tasty and difficult to find a good slice...

You know what I miss? I miss New York City pizza everyday of my life. Well almost everyday when I ache for it and I just let the desire go because no other pizza will satisfy my crave. There was a great spot on Haight Street, "Fat Slice" but the place got turned into a fast food falafel place. I remember running to the middle of the street in hopes a car would hit me and end my misery after I discovered that it was gone,but my mother stopped me and told me I was being silly. She has never tasted good pizza in her life before, obviously. "New York Pizza" down the street by Amoeba is not bad (potato pizza is delish!), but how I desperately want a simple slice of cheese pizza. I remember someone telling me that pizza from New York has a unique taste because of the water used to make the doug. This is very plausible, I guess I will believe it because it sounds right. Damn. Next time I'm in town I'm going to bring back a few slices with me in a large zip lock bag and freeze them. I will take small bites to hinder my craving. Gosh I sound like such a fiend...

Does anyone know of any local spots here in the Bay where I can find a good slice?

PS: DiGiornio frozen pizza is better than most pizza joints I've tasted, the doug is thick and fluffy, yum!

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