Sunday, February 15, 2009

"That's so Gay!"

I originally posted this on my myspace blog a few months ago, but I feel it's important to repost it here in order to reach out to more people:

This is just my opinion, but my opinion is valid because I've actually spent time working at a diversity/cultural center so you gotta hear me out peeps:


HURT PEOPLE AND IS DISRESPECTFUL. We all love each other right? Well let's start by recognizing that even though these words are used freely like the word "NIGGER," they have a heavy effect.


Is not acceptable either, c'mon!!!!! WTF!!??!!

We are all individuals and have the beautiful power of freedom of speech, but when it comes down to it if we say that we have respect and continue to express ourselves this way, knowing that they degrade people then why do we continue to use them?

And of the record:


Insults people too (you know what this is if you are a Spanish speaker).

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