Monday, August 31, 2009

Eating is Fun

Mar y Tierra, RWC, CA
Nachos Marinos
Damn, that shit was good...

Friday, August 28, 2009


Loves Cupcakes, San Jose, CA

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fuck Yeah!

Surprise!!! I have a tattoo! Well, that's not true actually. I HAD a tattoo and it was only for one day. My homeboy Phil from AMEK Tattoo did this with sharpie about a year ago (found the pics randomly on my computer), cool huh? I love the shading, it was quite painful ;) I wasn't expecting the "Fuck yeah," but I thought it was a nice touch since I am a fan of the word "Fuck." Maybe one day I'll get the balls and get inked for real.

Monday, August 24, 2009

More Boots Please!

I'm digging these 99 Zip Wedges from Jeffrey Campbell. Lately I've been in the mood for black boots, I guess I'm just thinking about how wonderful it's going to be to wear all my comfy fall clothing and bust out with the (faux) fur. These shoes are so clean and fucking stylish I could wear em for days...

...and these Asti boots are so damn sexxy too bad they're a summer shoe. I could wear them with nylons when it gets too icy. Hey, gotta protect my feet, they're NICE!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paquita la Del Barrio

I think someone lied to me. Upon doing a search online I discovered that Paquita la Del Barrio, my favorite Mexican singer has no shows coming up in San Jose. I've been wanting to see her live for a few years now and even more so after my homegurl D told me that she had a show with Vincente Fernandez in San Jose, double ranchera whammy! Paquita is magical, ya'll. She is the epitome of girl power and she don't give a fuck. Her songs are about how sexist men can be and she talks hella shit, ha! The first time I heard her music was at my aunt's house, it was a live recording of "Rata de Dos Patas" translation- "Two- Legged Rat" and it hella caught my attention not only for the lyrics, but because when the song is about to start a lady from the audience yells, "Esa no porque me meo!" translation- "Not that one because I'll piss my pants!" WOW! You can watch that live performance here...Btw, the first thing that Paquita says, "Para que sufran los inutiles" translates to "This is for the imbeciles, so they'll suffer."

Not only is she the bomb, but she has the best style ever! Check out the major bead work of her dresses and how she adorns herself with ten pounds of gold, classy.

I love this woman, I want her to perform at my wedding one day. I wonder how many g's she charges........

Photo credits: El Universal, People en Espanol, and El Universal

I LOVE Balmain

I am completely enamored with the Balmain Fall Ready-to-Wear 2009 collection! Every look is absolutely out of this world and I would kill to have every piece in my closet.  I like the shortness of the dresses, the fact that they are fitted and the Swarovski crystals dangling from them.  The looks are very minimal in a weird way considering all the bling, perhaps it's the shapes that give it this quality?  The ladies are styled kinda plain hair and makeup wise, but I think this really works. Watch the video, it's totally fun to see these looks live but I must warn you that you may have the crazy urge to rob a bank and hit the Balmain store...

Photos by

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Okay, I did it! I put together my personal fall wish list. This is the season of all seasons, the fashion magazines arrive a bit thicker in the mail and it's for a good reason: FASHION LOVES FALL because it means more layering! Aside from the extra layers of beautiful garments it is also the time to wear houndstooth (my favorite print) and you can pretty much wear black head to toe without getting a heat stroke, score! Now, I got plenty of houndstooth in my closet: shoes, scarfs, jackets, skirts, bags, and even houndstooth print earrings and I have a whole drawer full of black so that is not a priority now, but I am lusting for the following...

I found THE perfect pair of fall boots. Now all I gotta do is accumulate some dough real fast because this style is selling faster than Beanie Babies!

Buckle Up! Boots, Jeffrey Campbell, $199

I would really love some skirts, especially in these styles. I am not one to spend hella money on an article of clothing if I know I can find it at a thrift store for far less. I am also a bit obsessed with the concept of reusing shit so vintage is always a first priority. So basically I need to find a black skirt, shorten it up if it's too long and add a zipper down the middle. The denim acid wash should be pretty easy to find, (but maybe not since acid wash is kinda trendy now) and all I need to do is distress it a bit from the bottom and add studs. I am totally digging the polka dot skirt, not only for the print but for the way it gathers. Damn I feel a DIY post coming soon as soon as I hit up Savers!

Scorpio Rising French Terry Skirt, Urban Outfitters $58

Urban Renewal Studded Denim Skirt, Urban Outfitters $68

Silence & Noise Polka Dot Tulip Skirt, Urban Outfitters $15

Ever since last October when I went to NYC I lusted for a pair of purple Nikes. I did not purchase them because it was the end of my trip and I was broke as fuck and to this day I haven't been able to find them anywhere here in the Bay, nor online. If these were purple they would be perfect. My search continues, I need sneakers badly!!

Nike Grey Sweet Classics High, NIKE via Urban Outfitters $85

Really bright pink lipstick. It's a nice change from the usual red or wine shade I wear and it looks super hot with purple eye shadow, my favorite color to wear.

Girl About Town, Fabulous Fuchsia (Amplified Creme), MAC Cosmetics $14

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tis' the Season

What a gorgeous summer this has been. I had a whole month off mid June to late July and I spent every possible second relaxing and enjoying being happy in LOVE. The heat hasn't been as excruciating as other years, quite tolerable to the point I actually laid out to tan in the sun a couple of times, gasp! I had a wonderful mini vacation in humid Washington DC during the Fourth of July weekend and had the pleasure of attending a few outdoor music festivals. All of this is making me kinda sad that summer is going to be over soon.

Traditionally in October I like to spend a week in New York City, but this year I've decided I'm going to MIAMI! My homegurl lives there and she says the water is warm all year round, something I haven't experienced since I was a child frolicking in the beaches of Mazatlan with my family when we lived in Mexico. The San Francisco Bay where I live, is all coast but the water is so cold all the time it's impossible to swim in the ocean unless you enjoy to suffer. I'll probably be going on my sweet tropical vacation early next year, but while I wait I'll think of the life that is summer...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Again...

Another day in San Francisco. Honestly, I need to move here. I've been saying it ever since I was a little girl when my family and I used to take family visiting from Mexico sightseeing. I also recall us driving through the city on our way to Vallejo to visit our aunts, uncles and cousins and being totally enamored with the buildings and imagining having a little apartment in one of the cute neighborhoods with the cookie cutter homes. Another fond memory was when I was a freshman in college and I got an internship being a trend spotter for corporate Macy's. At the time I did not drive so I used to take the train to the city and walking a good few miles from the station to Union Square (I did not know you could take the Muni to downtown!) and I began to get acquainted with the neighborhoods. I also started noticing how diverse the city was and that became very attractive to me because the city where I grew up at had Mexicans and White folks only, boring!

The only thing stopping me from moving to my favorite city is the damn rent! It's totally expensive living there and even though I could technically afford it I wouldn't be able to do other things that I love such as going to shows and partying. So basically the situation is I think I need to start selling drugs, shizzz...

I'm Classy, Bitch

Today is the last day of my food rants. You know I will be photographing most of my meals from now on because it's fun to document what we eat. I give thee beverages, cheers!

VSOP doesn't stand for Very Smooth Old People. Traditionally I would fuck with regular E&J or Christian Brothers Brandy, but it was a special occasion.....VSOP will never touch my lips even though it's Very Special Old Pale, it's thick as grease and it lingers at the roof of your mouth for days, it looks pretty in the glass though...

If you care not to be added to my Shit List don't make any Margarita jokes when you meet me and I tell you that's my name. I was named after my mother ho, who the fuck would name their child after an alcoholic beverage unless your name is Tila Tequila? Margaritas are the choice of beverage when kick it with my homie Michel who is now back from France after being gone for one long year. These are from a spot in Palo Alto called Playa Grill.

You can't claim you are classy unless you've had a cocktail or a bottle of wine from 1300 Fillmore, aka the poshest Jazz bar/restaurant in the Jazz Fillmore District in SF. I can't find the names of the beautiful beverages we consumed, but the tall glass is champagne with a peach flavoring and the other was a spicy martini with a tiny pepper inside, classy.
Check out the site:

Thai Tea and Black Tea. Tea is so delicate and delicious. I went through a phase of drinking tea on a daily basis because I had the hook up at Peet's Coffee and Tea. My favorite tea though is Jasmine with milk and Bobba Pearls or green tea plain because it flushes you out and it gives you hella energy, better than coke... ;)