Monday, August 24, 2009

More Boots Please!

I'm digging these 99 Zip Wedges from Jeffrey Campbell. Lately I've been in the mood for black boots, I guess I'm just thinking about how wonderful it's going to be to wear all my comfy fall clothing and bust out with the (faux) fur. These shoes are so clean and fucking stylish I could wear em for days...

...and these Asti boots are so damn sexxy too bad they're a summer shoe. I could wear them with nylons when it gets too icy. Hey, gotta protect my feet, they're NICE!


  1. Hooot! I'm digging those 99 zip wedges too!

    ps. It's not me in the black lipstick photos :)

    .. but that is lovely that you have a name for it after your friend. Beautiful :)

  2. This is bananas! I am already planning to buy those 2 pairs that I saw from the site! Great fashion minds think alike!

  3. kaela, selena quitanilla as in selena the mexican singer who was shot by her crazy ass fan club manager. damn, i wish she was my friend!!! :)

    ms.v, let's rock em together!