Friday, August 7, 2009

I See A Little Silhouetto of a Man

Yesterday after a pleasant night at the cemetery, some edible treats and E&J VSOP I had the joy of listening to the beautiful song that is "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen and trippin' the fuck out. I was immediately taken back to an old post from an ancient blog from back in the day. I retrieved that puppy and here it is on a pretty silver platter.

December 26, 2007
These past few days have been busy with birthdays-xmas parties-work-seeing friends-spending time with them-and music. I love it when I am enlightened by the beautiful spirit of music. Yesterday was a special day because I was introduced to the grand world of Queen. To be completly honest, prior to being submerged into their world I was a bit turned off by their songs that I had heard: "We Will Rock You" and "We are the Champions" (I'm assuming those are the titles). The songs are cool because they are epic and have an anthem quality, but they are over played, which means that they are overly annoying to me.

But alas, the prejudice was dissolved yesterday as I watched a documentary on how they make music and I wanted to die from happiness. They are so creative in every-single aspect. They are so detailed oriented I was so thrilled to learn about how much time and passion they put into making their craft. What is even better is that they dress so well and perform with such artistic quality that they become perfect humans.

...and I wanted to throw up from glee when I saw him performing in this little number:

And if this wasn't enough joy, I also watched a documentary about Fela Kuti. I have been an admirer of Fela ever since I learned that the Mars Volta listen to him right before they go onstage to get pumped up. I totally see Fela Kuti in the Mars Volta. His spirit is in their music. Fela is hailed as the best African musician ever. He is also considered a prophet and a revolutionary. Fela was the leader of his tribe and an enemy to the colonial power of Nigeria. He is impressive. His music gives you happiness and hope. His live performances are truly unique because he has a posse of beautiful women (who happen to be his wives) put on a spectacular dance performance. The whole experience is chill...

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