Friday, August 14, 2009


This is the second batch of food love photos. All these meals were prepared by yours truly. Next post will be all about beverages!

I made these cupcakes out of a box for my birthday bash when I turned 23. That was a cool party- loud music, Jimi Hendrix was being played on the plasma (sans sound), Rock n Roll Circus was projected on the wall (sans sound) and the homies all dropped by of course. Did I mention it was a 60's themed party?

This was my broccoli phase. I seriously ate that shit everyday for a good three weeks and lost hella weight. The pasta has a pesto sauce on it.

The great thing about being Mexican (there are many great reasons) is that you have great staples in your kitchen such as tortilla chips, avocado, salsa, rice and beans. Nachos are so simple to make and damn satisfying, these have bits of breaded fish from dinner left overs for an extra bang.

More nachos, I love them!!! Honestly, they take minutes to prepare.

Brown rice and a fish side made from (canned) salmon. The salmon is cooked in a bit of olive oil w/ the following- black pepper, kosher salt, cumin, bay leaves and capers. Let this finish cooking in vegetable broth for an even richer taste and a bit of broth to pour over that rice.

Bought the pasta and cooked it at home. It was stuffed with three types of cheeses and the sauce was from Trader Joe's, but tweaked by being sauteed with basil, carrots and onions.

Summer Salad- greens, peaches, carrots, yellow bell peppers and a thai peanut dressing.

Summer Salad Part Deux w/the above ingredients minus the peaches, but with sunflower seeds, almonds finely chopped and garbanzo beans.

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