Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paquita la Del Barrio

I think someone lied to me. Upon doing a search online I discovered that Paquita la Del Barrio, my favorite Mexican singer has no shows coming up in San Jose. I've been wanting to see her live for a few years now and even more so after my homegurl D told me that she had a show with Vincente Fernandez in San Jose, double ranchera whammy! Paquita is magical, ya'll. She is the epitome of girl power and she don't give a fuck. Her songs are about how sexist men can be and she talks hella shit, ha! The first time I heard her music was at my aunt's house, it was a live recording of "Rata de Dos Patas" translation- "Two- Legged Rat" and it hella caught my attention not only for the lyrics, but because when the song is about to start a lady from the audience yells, "Esa no porque me meo!" translation- "Not that one because I'll piss my pants!" WOW! You can watch that live performance here...Btw, the first thing that Paquita says, "Para que sufran los inutiles" translates to "This is for the imbeciles, so they'll suffer."

Not only is she the bomb, but she has the best style ever! Check out the major bead work of her dresses and how she adorns herself with ten pounds of gold, classy.

I love this woman, I want her to perform at my wedding one day. I wonder how many g's she charges........

Photo credits: El Universal, People en Espanol, and El Universal

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