Sunday, February 27, 2011

For the Fashion Luvers

I'm about to share a secret.  H & M posts the baddest fashion videos ever!!!  I dLed the app and I watch them on my phone late at night with my ear muff ear phones on.  There are tons you can watch and these are some of my favorites...

Check out my new sunglasses purchased at this super stylish vintage shop in the Mission District.  They remind me of a girly version of John Lennon's signature sunglasses.  I'm also wearing my faux fur vest from Juicy Couture and my ripped black skin tight pants, sexxy!

Public Art I Love Thee

A few weeks ago as I was driving up the hill on Haight and decided to stop and photograph these murals because they were just too beautiful.

I was lucky enough to catch two artists in action.  They were super nice and let me take their picture.   I wish I could tell you more about them and what they're about, but I lost their card!!!!!! Next time I chill on that hood I'll stop by and peep on the wall for their names.

Love the bunny sculpture, super cute/evil looking.

The house was drawn on a small piece of paper and was glued onto the wall.  I appreciate when artists leave their calling cards on random spots, this one not so random I guess since it's pasted onto a mural.

The koi fish are stencils on the sidewalk.  I've also seen them in the Mission District where the art alleys are at and on the corner of 16th and Market right on the Castro District.  I'm pretty sure there are at other spots in the city and I just haven't come across them. 

I've said this a million times, but I just love this city because stuff like this is everywhere!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He's Da Shit


Grammy's 2011 Red Carpet Recap

I was actually pretty impressed with the Grammy's this year. Everyone dressed pretty classy for the occasion.  I don't know about you, but I never have high expectations of Grammy's fashion or any other music award show.  I'm still a bit scarred from Lil Kim's loose boobie at the MTV Music Awards and Bjork's swan dress at the Grammy's a few years back.   The hottest woman who graced the 2011 Grammy's Red Carpet was everyone's favorite chola from the block Jennifer Lopez.  MILF all the way, respect...

Dress by Emilio Pucci, Shoes by Christian Louboutin, Jewels by Cartier, Clutch by Daniel Swarovski

Marc Anthony is one lucky man and he's hella funny too.  I love how he has to put his hand on her knee,  to reassure people that he's got her.  

Here are my other favorites...

Dress by Jean Paul Gaultier, Shoes by Christian Louboutin

I didn't know Rihanna was one sexxy lady!

Eva Longoria
Dress by Ashi, Shoes by Brian Atwood, Clutch by Sergio Rossi

Kelly Osborne
Dress by Tadashi Shoji

Paz Vega 
Dress by ?? Leave a comment if you know, I looked everywhere!!!

There were two red carpet looks that stood out in the most horrendous way.....

Nicki Minaj
Dress by Givenchy

Lady Gaga

I'm not even gonna say shit...
All images by Getty

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Year New Hair

Photo: Associated Press

I'm loving the hair for the Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 Ready to Wear collection.  It would be awesome to see this take off as a hair trend.  

I've been playing around with my look recently, trying to spice things up.  I've always done black, but I think I'm done with that phase and frankly it makes me look way too pale.  I took the plunge after New Years and went to my favorite salon and got it dyed orange!  The pigment has washed off in the shower a lot since it's not permanent, but I'm pretty pleased with the transformation...

Fresh outta the salon

This was a few weeks ago

Most current shot of my hair

I wish I could dye it cotton candy pink or lavender, but I work in education and that would probably be over the top.  Maybe when I become filthy rich after my children's book on Abraham Lincoln reaches the NY Times Best Sellers then I can do whatever my heart desires.  In the meantime I'll probably get my roots done and then dye it another bright color, until then I'll keep it a surprise.