Sunday, February 27, 2011

Public Art I Love Thee

A few weeks ago as I was driving up the hill on Haight and decided to stop and photograph these murals because they were just too beautiful.

I was lucky enough to catch two artists in action.  They were super nice and let me take their picture.   I wish I could tell you more about them and what they're about, but I lost their card!!!!!! Next time I chill on that hood I'll stop by and peep on the wall for their names.

Love the bunny sculpture, super cute/evil looking.

The house was drawn on a small piece of paper and was glued onto the wall.  I appreciate when artists leave their calling cards on random spots, this one not so random I guess since it's pasted onto a mural.

The koi fish are stencils on the sidewalk.  I've also seen them in the Mission District where the art alleys are at and on the corner of 16th and Market right on the Castro District.  I'm pretty sure there are at other spots in the city and I just haven't come across them. 

I've said this a million times, but I just love this city because stuff like this is everywhere!!!

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