Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Year New Hair

Photo: Associated Press

I'm loving the hair for the Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 Ready to Wear collection.  It would be awesome to see this take off as a hair trend.  

I've been playing around with my look recently, trying to spice things up.  I've always done black, but I think I'm done with that phase and frankly it makes me look way too pale.  I took the plunge after New Years and went to my favorite salon and got it dyed orange!  The pigment has washed off in the shower a lot since it's not permanent, but I'm pretty pleased with the transformation...

Fresh outta the salon

This was a few weeks ago

Most current shot of my hair

I wish I could dye it cotton candy pink or lavender, but I work in education and that would probably be over the top.  Maybe when I become filthy rich after my children's book on Abraham Lincoln reaches the NY Times Best Sellers then I can do whatever my heart desires.  In the meantime I'll probably get my roots done and then dye it another bright color, until then I'll keep it a surprise.

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    i miss you friend! you look gorgeous as ever!!!
    I love how you always try new looks and always look great! te quiero chola!