Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Classy, Bitch

Today is the last day of my food rants. You know I will be photographing most of my meals from now on because it's fun to document what we eat. I give thee beverages, cheers!

VSOP doesn't stand for Very Smooth Old People. Traditionally I would fuck with regular E&J or Christian Brothers Brandy, but it was a special occasion.....VSOP will never touch my lips even though it's Very Special Old Pale, it's thick as grease and it lingers at the roof of your mouth for days, it looks pretty in the glass though...

If you care not to be added to my Shit List don't make any Margarita jokes when you meet me and I tell you that's my name. I was named after my mother ho, who the fuck would name their child after an alcoholic beverage unless your name is Tila Tequila? Margaritas are the choice of beverage when kick it with my homie Michel who is now back from France after being gone for one long year. These are from a spot in Palo Alto called Playa Grill.

You can't claim you are classy unless you've had a cocktail or a bottle of wine from 1300 Fillmore, aka the poshest Jazz bar/restaurant in the Jazz Fillmore District in SF. I can't find the names of the beautiful beverages we consumed, but the tall glass is champagne with a peach flavoring and the other was a spicy martini with a tiny pepper inside, classy.
Check out the site:

Thai Tea and Black Tea. Tea is so delicate and delicious. I went through a phase of drinking tea on a daily basis because I had the hook up at Peet's Coffee and Tea. My favorite tea though is Jasmine with milk and Bobba Pearls or green tea plain because it flushes you out and it gives you hella energy, better than coke... ;)

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