Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Woods Are Knockin'

What can I say about my beautiful weekend of nature? Let me try to explore in a few words: trees, the other tree$, abuelita chocolate, ping pong, the other ping pong, night hike, log luv, freestyling, twinkle, oyster hearts, lady peace circle, christian bros, snoring accusations, frolicking in the creek, carlos, dust spots, tree house luv, familia, primos, morning walk, teeming food from the sea, hammock luv, and more LUV...


  1. trees are the bomb, and i've added you to my "blogroll" which means you an now expect hell of traffic frequenting these parts.


  2. how does one spell "can" wrong? i found a way. w00t

  3. how can i sum up this divine experience

    it goes a lil something like this...

    spicy potato chips, bag of 6 unused onions, jay-z movies, midnight hugs, breakfast among the woods, on this date nothing happened, drunk guys on golf carts, bulldozer man,tagging up art supplies, sling shot raccoons, i love logs, screaming in the middle of the night, walkie talkie convos, spider bites, baby cow cheese, big tvs, hide in the dark, shrimp overdose, rooftop smokeouts, zip line, can i use your towel, i claim this treehouse so wait until they fall asleep!!!

    haha yeah, i think thats it.

  4. tree houseeeeeeeeee! oh wow.
    great photographs... sounds like amazing fun x