Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sneak Peek

Okay, so I gotta do this too because it's fun to see what we carry in our bags. This is for the fans and the stalkers...

What I'm carrying in my bag right at this moment:

Myriad of pens and a pencil gifted to me by my student
Highlighter bc I like to highlight everything that I read, even if it belongs to the library muhahahahaha (JK!)
Car keys, check out my ORIGINAL Giga Pet used as a key chain, aww the good ol' days
Whistle because I gotta blow that shit when recess is over!
Bath & Body Works Pleasures Cherry Blossom Body Butter
Banana Republic Coin Purse
Chinese Print Lipstick Case
Lancome Rouge Magnetic in "Whatever," aka my Selena Lipstick
L'OREAL Infallible 6 hr Never Fail Lipgloss in "Suede"
MAC Powder Brush
ELF Face Powder in "Light Beige"
Post Its for love notes
Styla Blush Compact recycled because it has the BEST mirror
Forever 21 Zebra Print Wallet, belonged to my sister
Dove Invisible Clean because I'm fresh to def
Nail filer
Vintage Snake Skin Sunglasses
I Love Lucy watch, yeah still wear em'
Vintage Gold Locket, broke bc I played too rough
Brown Suede J Crew Handbag, hand me down