Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet Bird Of Youth

A few days ago I watched a very entertaining film about a man who leaves his lady back home with a dream to make it in show business and return to marry her. "Sweet Bird Of Youth" is directed by Richard Brooks, Paul Newman plays the wannabe actor, Geraldine Page plays the Hollywood actress he picks up along the way in hopes that she will give him the stardom he wants and Shirley Knight the heart broken girlfriend who wants nothing to do with him when he comes back to swoop her off her feet. The screenplay was written by Tennessee Williams, it was originally a play and it has been remade with Elizabeth Taylor.

The film caught my attention because "Alexandra Del Lago," the big shot actress is high and drunk during 99% of the film. She is miserable after running out of her own premiere upon hearing some ladies in the theater talking to themselves about who the "washed up" actress was in the film they were watching.

And not only is she a junkie, but she is a glamourous one!

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  1. That looks like a really good movie! I like the fashion in it as well and the hairstyles...I should watch it!