Thursday, September 24, 2009

Worst Fashion Show Ever at the VMA's

First, I'll start with the wackness and save the very best for last. There was more awful than good in my opinion, but then again the VMA's are always a hot tacky mess.

I don't even know who made her dress and I don't really care to find out. J-Lo looked like a jelly fish exploded all over her arms. She usually dresses pretty well, but I guess she was feeling the sea when she choose this look.

Now, I'm sure this dress by Jean Paul Gaultier is awesome by itself, but Lady Gaga had to go fuck it up by wearing a bird on her neck and a mask that covered half her face. She reminded me of Phantom of the Opera, the gothic version!

When I think of Dolce & Gabbana I think of sex, but for some reason Alicia Key's dress did not moan! I think this look would suit a 50-60 year old lady who is trying to spice up this classic silhouette. The giant green cocktail ring she's wearing looks pretty dope though.

I guess having a late night show takes a toll on one's look. The funny part is that late night tv is actually shot during the day, so Jimmy Fallon has no excuse to look like he just rolled out of bed! C'mon Jimmy, you're at an Awards show, put on a nice suit or at least wear something that's not straight out of the Gap Fall 2009 collection, jesus!

I think Prince already did this Diddy, their names are Nandy and Maya Mclean. He looked pretty pimp though, arriving with two lovely sistas, but his suit was not. I am not digging the white pipping, especially on the pants. Btw, I think the Hives rocked that look back in 1999.

Another attempt at being the center of attention. Kanye gets the award for the coolest accessory and I don't mean Amber Rose. She could have looked alright in that cat suit, if only she hadn't overdone it by wearing that giant neckpiece and earrings. But seriously Kanye, your shirt looks like it was made out of a black garbage bag and are those Timberland's? Weren't those hot back in 1997?

The best dressed list is very short. There weren't many people thinking right I guess...

I am so GLAD Beyonce did not CHOOSE to wear something out of the House of Dereon. I think it would be wise if she fired Mama Knowles because her shit is just plain fuggly. Roberto Cavalli looks so much better on her, I simply adore this red dress because it looks simple, polished and youthful.

And the BEST DRESSED at the 2009 VMA's was....

Kid Sister! I dig her glittery black pants and her shirt is the bomb! RIP Aaliyah.

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