Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bigger is Better

They do exist!! Being a puffy HOT Cheeto fan I was quite exited over the claim from my bf that this chip company made giant Cheeto balls. Ginormous balls of cheesy puff!!? How come I had never seen them before? And most importantly where could I purchase a bag? Well, ever since I found out this piece of information I went on a hunt to find these cheesy snacks. The pursue went on for a few weeks. I must have been to several liquor stores and countless grocery stores, but the search was never successful until a few days ago when he shut me up and presented me with a bag of these gems! I wish I had taken a photo of me actually consuming them, but I was so exited to try them that I totally forgot until it was too late and they were all gone!

They are so gigantic it takes at least three bites to eat one. These might have to be my new favorite greasy snack. I wonder if they make them HOT?

First photo by Luicidal
Second photo by Tim Loehrke, USAT


  1. wow, those Cheetos are obnoxiously big massive balls of cheese puff. your boyfriend must be up on his Cheetos game, sounds like a pretty cool guy.

    now if they could only make giant Lay's Hot n Spicy potato chips...

  2. oh i sent lay's a five page letter proclaiming my love for their hot n spicy potato chips. i even sent in photos of me eating my homemade giant chips so they will see what a true fan looks like. btw my bf is pretty cool. stay off my jock, he's gonna kick you in the balls.

  3. that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, ever

    now if only they could make cheesy boulders, and it would all be good ;)