Monday, March 30, 2009

You Were Never Lovelier

I am totally biased when it comes to films. I am a bit pretentious, but not hard core like some people who won't even dare set foot in a century theater. I like to watch quality, beautiful films with style, dialogue, cinematography that get my brain going and I also tend to lean towards film noir. Gosh I love films made between the 1930's-1960's! I think a major reason to my liking are the beautiful clothes worn by the ladies of these classic films.

For the past month I've been hooked on TMC channel and have watched some fantastic films such as "You Were Never Lovelier" starring Rita Hayworth (real name: MARGARITA Carmen Cansino) and Fred Astaire, directed by William A. Seiter in 1942. The film is about a wealthy family who has four beautiful daughters, the eldest gets married and the two younger sisters are eager to marry their fiances, but are forbidden by their father until daughter #2, Rita Hayworth aka Maria gets married first. Maria is totally uninterested with every man around her until she starts receiving gardenias from a mystery man who she thinks is Fred Astaire aka Robert Davis.

Rita looks so beautiful here! One particular dress grabbed my attention because it is just so lovely. Here is the scene where she is dancing so damn gracefully wearing the gorgeous dress. Notice the lace detail on the boob area, the low back, the two diamond broaches at the waist, and the length and tule layers. Her hair and makeup are just so perfect as well, she looks like a princess.



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