Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's been like fifty years, but alas, the YEAH YEAH YEAH'S are releasing an album MARCH 10th, NEXT TUESDAY!!!

Please deliver YYY's: I was not HELLA impressed with the last album...but then again I tend to favor RAW, GRITTY rock and roll like your EP and first album. I am also praying to Saint Selena that you will drop the fourth member/second guitarist/keyboardist you were touring with. Nick Zinner you must also stop playing pre-recorded guitar parts live, that's what the DL 4 is for man!

The YYY's are also touring Europe and will perform at Coachella April 19th. I'm sure the US tour dates will be released soon and hopefully they will play at the Fillmore or Warfield like they did before.

Photo by: Josh Wildman

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  1. Thanks for the news. Wow, that's quick-next week already! My boyfriend & I are BIG YYY fans but like you I wasn't extremely impressed with Show Your Bones. :( I prefer the raw stuff too. Thanks again & take care.~