Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art Post Part Deux

Here's part two of the huge art post.  Looking through all these photos reminded me how different each piece is from one another.  San Francisco is one of the tightest city ever because the population is so diverse and everyone has their own style.  These art pieces for instance are all painted on walls in just one alley so it litetally embodies that. 

I've still got gangload of photos from this photo session to post.  I've also accumulated a whole other collection of shots of art and randomness that I'd love to share.  It's quite late now for me now so I must get ready for bed.  Fingers crossed I won't fall asleep as soon as I hit my bed so I can have a few minutes to read Lincoln's Virtues- An Ethical Biography :)

Ps...I got my hair did again...

I went a shade lighter, why the fuck not right?  And here's a close up on my nails...

All powder.  You know what I'm talking about if you know a thing or two about nails.

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