Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Jessica Simpson makes horrid music, but that gurl has a great shoe collection for sale. Her styles are very sexxy, here are some of my favorites listed on her website now...

Delsi- These puppies are so rich and beautiful. I love the velvet! This is more of an autumm shoe and I bit more proper, I would rock them to work if I did not work with children, but I suppose they would work really well with vintage pieces because they look retro.

Genaviv- Take me on vacation with these!! I feel like I should be wearing these with a nice sun dress, sexxy. This is definitely the shoe to floss right now, just be careful if you wear them to the club because you can fall on your ass and scrape your knee, yes I have a bummed knee (thanks to my new Steve Madden's).

Speaking of Steve Madden...

Partiee- Just like the name says, these shoes are for PARTYING! Partiee reminds me of a pair I purchased for New Years Eve this past year and totally destroyed when I fell on my ass, hey there was a crack on the ground! Wow, I think this is a sign that I need to wear lower shoes....NOT!!!! I love these platforms because they are quirky, fun and I would rock them with a dress to show them off.

Caged- These are the ultimate trendy shoes and they are so fucking hot and beautiful. My homegurl would say they are "prostituta" shoes.

This is the original by YSL, Cage Boot, running for $1,000...

Hmmmm, trip to NYC or YSL Cage Boots? That's an easy one! SHIT NYC!

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