Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rats in the Big Apple

Recently I've been perusing my photos from my last visit to New York City (October 2008) and came across the above photos of public art.  The first stencil could have been easily missed, but I was obsessed with finding graffiti when I was there and literally checked every wall and pavement for any traces. The "Let Them Eat Crack" piece almost gave me a heart attack when I spotted it because it is HUGE in person as you can see.  I am not sure what the message of the piece is, but I enjoy seeing the word "crack" in large proportion.  The rat art is a total departure from the image of actual living rats running around like lunatics in the subways, which remained embedded in my head from my first ever visit to the city in 2007.  Art rats are so much better.

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  1. Let them eat crack!!! I love that only in New York...