Saturday, June 20, 2009

DC Part 2: The Outfit

It's been hell looking for a "floral" dress for Ingrid's wedding (two of my homegurls bought floral dresses so I can't be the odd sheep). Of course I wanted to buy vintage, but the regular spots: Wasteland and Crossroads didn't have shit to offer. I did not want to start looking at the mall, but I really did not have a choice so I checked out Macy's and no luck there either. Well, there was a cute Anna Sui dress that looked vintage, but I did not want to pay $80 for it because I set myself a super low dress budget of $50. Frustrated and empty handed I went home and looked through all of my dresses and I decided that I will wear the one bellow because frankly it's ideal for a wedding. I feel kinda naked from the top, but I figure I can drown my chest in a mirage of necklaces or hair. The bottom is totally outdated because it has a tail on one side, hella 90's so the solution is to chop it and make it even and a bit more youthful. I decided to use the money that I would have spent on the dress to buy new shoes, why not right? I had slight trauma from all the giddiness when I saw these two platforms on super sale for $40 each pair and I just couldn't leave the store with one but not the other. I will have to take photos of the shoes on me because they are so fresh and beautiful and totally rock n roll. My Steve Madden's are actually navy blue which will go perfectly well with pretty much everything that I own, but they look so cute in lilac too, don't you think? Btw, I still haven't decided which ones I will actually wear with the dress and I still have to choose a hairstyle and jewelry from my own collection so this outfit is not yet complete. 12 more days til' DC!

The Dress

Shoes by Carlos Santana

Shoes by Steve Madden

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  1. Nice dress! Both shoes will work... one style for each foot, perhaps?