Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Lil Kim

My favorite hobby is people watching.  I like to admire how a person puts himself/herself together and I especially appreciate originality and creativity because it gets so boring to see people wearing jeans and tee shirts over and over again.  Now, before hell breaks loose I gotta clarify that I'm not a total jeans and tee shirt basher if you are rocking that outfit with cool accessories and dope shoes. You also pass the awesomeness meter if you are wearing let's say, bellbottom denim pants with a vintage tee from the 70's or maybe acid washed skinny jeans with a Hellz Bellz limited edition tee.  

Living in a suburb 30 miles from San Francisco is not the ideal location to people watch.  I'm not even going to mention what type of atrocities people wear in my city, but let's just say they only shop at the Gap.  My obsession with people watching led me to the idea to begin blogging about street style since I'm pretty enamored with all the awesome blogs dedicated to just that. I created a separate blog to do this, cleverly titled DOPE ARE US but for the time being I'll just post the photographs of the individuals who I've come across with here on this blog.  I'm just not in the mood to have two blogs going...

The first person who I asked to photograph was this lovely lady at BFD Music Festival.  Rock shows are always the ideal location for people watching because there are a lot of people who look like rock stars themselves.  This lady who I unfortunately did not ask for her name, caught my eye because she reminded me of my favorite nasty girl Lil Kim. There is nothing nasty about this lady pictured bellow, but I thought she looked totally sexy even though she was wearing jeans and a tee.  She made the outfit work because of all the cuts all over, which she confessed she customized herself!  I also appreciated the metal detail in her chocker necklace and the chain hanging from her pocket.  Her hair was wild and beautiful and I wish people took the time to rock an outfit like this.

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