Monday, August 20, 2012

2 Chainz!

2 Chainz, Tity Boi is da shit,  but sometimes he makes dumb ass muzak.  Actually, most of his music is hella stupid, but it's so damn catchy and the beats are hella tight, it's hard not to listen to him 24/7 (don't judge).  His album FINALLY came out and I haven't listened to every song, but I did get to watch the video for "Love Dem Strippers," featuring Nicki Minaj who I also have a love/hate relationship with, mostly hate: ugly ass outfits and wigs (someone fire her stylist because homegurl looks like she tries too hard) and her lyrics are mostly wack.  "Love Dem Strippers" is kinda dumb too, but I'm sure the verse "I Love Dem Strippers" will play in  my head all day for the next three months replacing "Don't tun tun tun."  The music video is tight, especially the strippers who are really good looking and I dig their sexxy lingerie, platforms and bomb ass tight bodies.  Nicki's hair and makeup look bomb too, wish she would burn that red Versace bag she wore to the Grammy's.

PS: New hair!


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