Friday, November 27, 2009

Best Show Ever?

Snoopy, how I love you.

Here are the goods, as promised. The show was amazing, one of the best I've attended. The ganja was in the air, the music was loud and the fans were feeling the man. He performed the classics and a few from his upcoming album Malice in Wonderland, which btw will be out 3 days before my birthday on December 8th!

One of the most memorable parts was the introduction, check it out......

Glad he opened the show with my favorite song "Next Episode!"

But the most memorable moment was when Snoop brought out this posse to rock with him onstage: Too Short, Mr. Fab, Dj Quik, Rapper 4 Tay, Suga T of the Clique, and Lady Rage. I shit my pants because on the way to the show I said to my love, "Do you think Snoop will have guests with him?" and he said "Maybe Mr. Fab," and I responded and I kid you not, "I'll give you $20 if Too Short comes out as well." Luckily I did not have to give him the doug because he guessed Mr. Fab so we were both right, but damn was I surprised!

Here they are all onstage. My third favorite part was the pimp that was with them, check him out on the left. He was wearing a long fur coat with a matching fur hat. No pimp cane though...

And here's one more, for the kids :)

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