Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sexxy Kat Von D

I nearly creamed my pants when I saw this at the bookstore the other day.  I love this lady, she is so BEAUTIFUL and she is MEXICAN!!!  I dig her look, her tattoos are specially classic and awesome in black and grey and her hair is flawless!!!!  My favorite photo is probably the second where she is the Mother Mary pose, she looks like an angel!  I regret not ditching work a few months ago when she was at B&N in San Francisco signing autographs for a book she was promoting.  On another Kat note, has anyone tried her makeup line?  I don't own it, but I tried the tattoo concealer on my tattooless wrist and it is amazing!  I would apply it under the eyes after a night of heavy partying because it's made to hide anything! 

Photos by James Dimmock


  1. ahh yes the darling of the tattoo scene, inked beauty. the mother mary pose and the one below it are my favorites.

    did you know she had some work done on her face? can't really tell in these pics.

    who has more tattoos? kat von d or lil wayne?

  2. you mean the lil stars? yeah those are cute, i just noticed that her hair is covering them. i think this lady beats lil weezy, unless lil weezy has tattoos on his cooch!

  3. Wow, she is totally beautiful and the tattoos look so great on her!

  4. she is amazing & looks absolutely stunning in these photographs