Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello, Again

I'm back like a heart attack!  Hello blogsphere, it's been a minute.  Plenty has happened since I last wrote: marriage and baby!  It has been incredibly overwhelming and life changing, but wonderful and joyous at the same time.  It's totally awesome being a wife and a mother, I feel pretty special!  I don't really share details about my personal life unless you're in my tight circe of family and friends so forgive me if I digress from giving you the full scope.

There are a million things I would like to talk about and the hard part is choosing where to start...

Films.  I used to view them on a regular basis, but for some reason it's difficult to motivate myself to watch one these days. There was a period when I watched a Hitchcock film everyday and knocked out about half of his filmography.

My favorites are Marnie and The Birds.  Marnie is about a young woman who has some troubles, one of them is being distrustful of the opposite sex.  It's pretty interesting because it's very psychological, but then again you can say that about all of his films.  Marnie is also cool because it was the last film that Bernard Herman did the score for.

The Birds has the most crazed out scenario- when birds attack humans!  Honestly, it can't get better than this and the best part is that it was shot here in Northern California.  The Birds is seriously freaky, I highly recommend it.

All photos from the HIitchcock Screenshot Gallery

I am totally ecstatic at the new Stanford Theater Film Schedule.  Check out how beautiful this place is...

They show classic stuff here and that means plenty of Hitchcock as well, yeeee!!!!

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