Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting My Martha Stewart On

The day in pictures...

I saw this sign on my way to shop for two gifts at Street Light Records and decided to stop by for some tasty seafood, in this case "si food"...

The fish tacos were not as good as I expected.  They were $7 (a little pricey) and there was barely any fish in them!  But they look so good in this photo right?

I had the hardest time shopping for the gifts!  I spent at least thirty minutes at Streetlight and left without buying anything.  I decided to go to the mall, which I never do by the way because I dislike spending money on big companies that don't really need any more money to begin with and frankly, shopping at thrift stores is so much more fun because you never know what you are going to find.  The mall is also a place I don't really want to be at because I worked in one for four years.  The first store I went to was Nordstroms and totally got distracted at the shoe department.  Ibiza and Steve Madden seriously make the sexiest shoes ever.  I will have to search for all the cool ones I drooled over today and post pictures soon.  I left the mall without purchasing anything, but I did find inspiration at Urban Outfitters.  I totally fell in love with the following headband and I know the lady I'd be giving it to would appreciate it...

It's really cool looking in person and I like that it's girly, but tough.  I've also been seeing zippers all over the place and absolutely loved the idea of making a rose out of one.  I checked the price tag for this cute headband and it was $24 and that's when it clicked!  I can buy $24 worth of materials at the craft store and make a dozen headbands, so that's exactly what I did, except I spent less than $10.

I honestly thought it would be a piece of cake to whip up a rose out of a zipper but let me tell you that it's not walk in the park.  I gave up after a good hour and opted to make a bow instead...

The bow took at least thirty minutes to put together, not an easy task but patience is a virtue. I also wrapped the head bands in black ribbon which was also very tedious and I totally burned off the first layer of my skin with the hot glue gun, ouch!

I found this little brooch at the craft store and had to incorporate it into a head band as well.  I think I did a beautiful job if I may say so myself.  This second headband will be gifted to lady #2 who is celebrating her graduation.  

Times like these make me realize that making something yourself is a lot more successful, not only is it a lot cheaper but you are working your brain and hands!

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  1. Wow, this is a fantastic idea and I absolutely agree with you. There is such a magnitude of self pleasing that occurs when you make something wearable yourself.

    I'm sure your friend will absolutely adore it! :)