Monday, May 25, 2009

My Wardrobe

Vintage Aremis Pucci inspired dress.  I bought this little gem and cropped it to a mini proportion at the Wasteland on Haight Street in San Francisco.  Gotta have the gaudy inexpensive pearl ring from Forever 21 and the giant rainbow feather hair piece purchased from an art supplies shop to transform it into the perfect birthday party dress.

My mom hates this blue polka dotted vintage dress I bought for less than $5 at Savers.  I wear it at least once a week with a slip underneath.  I've also worn this dress with "gladiator" sandals since we've seen warmer days lately.  The cardigan is one of my numerous I have stashed up in my closet.  It's from Scotland and it's made from the softest cashmere.

The only truly vintage piece I'm wearing in this outfit is the scarf, which I borrowed from an equally stylish male friend.  The dress I've had for a few years now and it was purchased at Target, shirt from the Gap, and the shrunken jacket is a staple in many of my outfits because it's very soft and and it barely weighs anything.

I fell in love with this orange dress from H&M via Crossroads on Haight Street when I saw it on the rack and I was so giddy that it fit so perfectly well.  The boots are not vintage, but they totally feel like it because the leather is a bit worn off in some spots.

My jungle outfit as I like to call it because of the fabulous photo consists of two vintage pieces: the shirt and ankle brown boots purchased at Savers for pennies.  This was the last time I wore this shirt because every time I put it on to wear I feel like a balloon!  All my jewelry was purchased at various spots here and there across the Bay.

The animal print dress is kick ass in person because it has a built in black lace slip on the inside which peeks out a bit.  I bought it about a year ago from Macy's for like $10 and the emerald beaded cardigan from my last days working for the Gap for less than $10 as well.  Can you tell I like to bargain shop?

Finally, this houndstooth dress which I adore was gifted to me by my little brother when I turned 23.  It's via Target and it's so short I have to wear tick leggings underneath.  It's hard to tell from this shot, but my shoes are the bomb!  They're copper, faux snaked skin platforms from Chinese Laundry and they're the comfiest ever.

I noticed that I don't really post photos of my daily outfits so this may be the first.  I'm bummed that I've been lagging on this, fashion is after all my mistress.  My style is definitely a combination of vintage and modern or vintage inspired with a little dash of rock and roll.  My fashion "muses" are not necessarily women either, Keith Richards and Jimi Hendrix are my main ones, but I adore the style of ladies such as Marianne Faithful and Janis Joplin.  High fashion and street fashion are also two of the spots I always hit for inspiration and I have subscriptions to Harper's Bazaar, W, Nylon, and film noir is always in the back of my brain when putting my look together (check out my cat eye liner).

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  1. I love the timeline of outfits of Electric Lady. I love your blue polka dot dress btw w/your yellow beanie. I especially love the first picture of my favorite peoples I love ohh so much!