Monday, May 16, 2011

I Heart Zara

Went to the Zara store this past weekend and drooled over all their new shizz.  I especially loved the pajama looking pants.  If I'm still obsessing about em I may have to go back and get them.  And even though I know that bright hues are hot right now it hit me when I was at the store that I don't have too many things in hot pink or orange.  I have a bright blue dress that I'm going to have to fish out of my closet and try on and that could be my contribution to the trend. I'm a girl who wears a lot of black and leopard prints and I think it's time to venture out of my norm.  If only it would stop being so damn icy and windy here in the bay so I can really dress for summer how it's supposed to be.

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