Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yipee! It's that Time Again!

Award shows got nothing on the best red carpet event in my opinion- the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala.  I look forward to this event because the guests are more adventurous and definitely classier.  The top trends this year were definitely plumage, see through dresses and Stella McCartney has lots of friends because a huge chunk of the ladies wore her designs. I had lots of fun going through the gallery of partygoers and these are my most favorite.


Karen Elson wearing Alexander McQueen

Rihanna wearing Stella McCarney
GOD DAMN SHE HAS AN ASS!!!!! Gorgeous woman, I love this dress on her and the fact she wore her hair in a braid- youthful, old school class and unexpected for such a glamorous occasion.

Jennifer Lopez wearing Gucci

Margherita Missoni and Joy Bryant both wearing Missoni

Keri Hilson wearing Altelier Versace

Eva Mendez wearing Stella McCartney

More pretty ladies, well done...

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Alexander McQueen

Vera Wang in her own design

Isla Fisher wearing Tory Burch

Karlie Kloss wearing Dior

Zoe Saldana wearing Calvin Klein collection

Madonna wearing Stella McCartney

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Stella McCartney

Michelle Williams wearing Miu Miu

Joan Smalls wearing Tom Ford

Kerry Washington wearing Escada (not sure about the hair tho...)

And now for the misses of the night and I ain't talking about senoritas...

Even when Beyonce is not wearing House of Dereon she still manages to choose horrid dresses to wear to red carpet events and pretty much every award show/performance.  This makes me believe that she just has poor taste in clothing, but I do give her props for wearing her hair up and toning down the makeup because she would have looked like a total hot mess if she had opted for her usual mane of curls with this gaudy dress.  And even though her man Jay-Z looks constipated in this pic, I like his tux.

Dress by Emilio Pucci

I don't know where to begin.  The prom hair circa 1992 is almost as distracting as this Alexander Mc Queen dress worn by Naomi Campbell.  I want to love it, but it just doesn't look right and it doesn't help that I keep thinking about Bjork's swan dress?

I also had no love for this Tom Ford dress worn by Carolyn Murphy.  It looks like lingerie, which would have been quite sexy, but that awful bow on the neck and overly ornate sleeves makes the whole look appear messy.  I didn't know where to look because there was way too much going on, so my attention went to her date, the designer Tom Ford who looked quite handsome as always.

Props to designer Stella McCartney for wearing her own design, I would too if I could make my own clothes. Unfortunately this dress looks very awkward and big on her.

Somebody should have told Serena Williams that less is more.  Don't get me wrong, she looks stunning in that dress but the hat?!!!  You serious?!!

Isn't Kristen Stewart like 19 years old?!!  Why did McCollough and Hernandez decide to put this poor girl in a dress that does nothing to celebrate the fact that she's a young lady?  This is a miss for Proenza Schouler.

Karolina Kurkova looks like she is growing fungus in this Gaultier Paris dress.  I have no love for this look at all.

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