Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fashion Is Art

This is art in motion.  John Galliano is really an artist.  It makes me sad when I see his last collections because the house of Christian Dior won't be the same without him.  Apparently for the Spring Couture 2011 collection he was inspired by the fashion drawings of René Gruau.  The illustrator worked with Christian Dior in the forties and fifties to create the drawings for his collection.  I did a lil research on Gruau and here are a few of his drawings, amazing...

On another note, I think it's awesome that Kanye is getting hella attention for wearing a women's shirt via the Celine Spring 2011 collection.  I like that, he's got balls and the man looks good.  

I gotta burst your bubble though because male musicians have been wearing lady clothes for a while now, take for instance...

Mick Jagger

Jimi Hendrix

Freddie Mercury

Christian Dior Spring Couture 2011 photos credit
Kanye West photo credit
Mick Jagger photo credit Michael Ochs
Jimi Hendrix photo credit Rex Features
Freddie Mercury photo credit unknown

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  1. those images at the top are stunning, pure old-school glamour!