Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Conspirator

Feeling super giddy to see this next Friday!!!!!!  The story is about Mary Surratt who was the first woman to be hung by the U.S. Government after being prosecuted for being involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.  The decision to hang her was very controversial during the time because she was actually not directly involved with the assassination, but the government still found her guilty because John Wilkes Booth and the team he recruited to go through this plot held many meetings at her boarding house and supplies were also kept there.  I know this film is going to be amazing because the events that followed his assassination were quite exceptional.  This was the first time the government was faced with such an event, the killing of a president and even though the country was divided during his presidency about his popularity, his death elevated his image to that of of sainthood.  Yes, I'm obsessed...I also came across another book I want to add to my list of must reads.  This one is about Lewis Thorton Powell who was recruited by Booth to assassinate the Secretary of State William Seward.  Powell did not succeed at killing him, but he did cut his face pretty badly and hurt four or five others who were at Seward's home the night of the attempt, which happened to be the same time when Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theater.  I'll be writing a review about the film, I'm sure it will be legit because Robert Redford is a pretty tight director.

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