Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goodbye John Galliano

John Galliano is the biggest fuck up of the year and it's only March.  Seriously, just thinking about him makes me so sad because he is so talented and I was such a fan of his work.  This guy is an artist, he is so creative and his shows are always my favorite because not only does he have amazing clothing to show, but the models are styled to perfection and the whole thing is a full blown production with music, lights and effects.  John Galliano had one of the most prestigious jobs in the fashion world, he designed for Christian Dior.  Even people who don't follow fashion are familiar with the fashion house, Dior is a very powerful force and Galliano's career is over after they fired his ass for saying pretty fucked up anti-semitic things in public.  From what I know his rants were caught on video so this guy was pretty much done after they became public.

There are two ways at looking at this situation.  John Galliano is probably a Jew hater or he simply thinks it's funny to say offensive things, but doesn't really feel that way about that particular group of people.  Let's just say that he is a funny man who likes to fuck around with his buddies at bars and go too far with his jokes (the offensive rants happened at a bar).  I'm sure you've all experienced this, we all have buddies whose jokes are funny, but at the same time they make you cringe.  If you can't relate think of Ricky Gervais in The Office.

The problem with saying stuff like this in public is that someone might overhear the comments and won't know that the person's humor is like that.  That could either trigger something in the spectator that will make them think that it's okay for people to say stuff like that or it might offend the person.  The situation gets a lot more tricky when the person saying these comments is someone of power, in this case John Galliano who is a celebrity and because everyone has a cellphone with a video camera these days it is very simple to record someone saying or doing anything.  That is exactly what happened in this situation and now the whole world's perception of Galliano is that he is a racist fuck and it doesn't matter that he is a fashion genius.

A multi-million dollar company like Christian Dior obviously does not want to be connected with such image and Galliano was booted as head designer.  I wonder what Galliano is thinking right at this moment?  I bet he's probably sorry as fuck that he said something completely inappropriate that caused his career to plunder forever. If you are as powerful as Galliano how do you redeem yourself from something like this? How can you convince the masses that you are sorry and that you are an idiot for saying stuff like this in public?  Homie needs to visit the Museum of Tolerance and donate his estate to the Jewish History Museum in D.C.  You really fucked up Galliano and I don't feel sorry for you.  R.I.P. to your career.

Let's take a look at his work and what he will no longer have because he's a brainless man...

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