Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Looking Good!

It seems like for the past week every time I make an attempt to update my internet it's sucking balls, but oddly enough it works perfectly well today when it's raining cats and dogs.  I like to stalk and just a few days ago they put up pictures from Tommy Ton's adventures at fashion week and they are to die for!

All photos by Tommy Tom via and

I live in the wrong town yo!!!  The fur and the bright colors made me kinda crazy and I've been putting together better weather than this shit outfits in my head.  I'm ready!  On another note I've been listening to Twista a lot lately.  I love the dude because he raps hella fast and it actually sounds good!  I came up with this gem while going thru his discography...

I would have posted the actual video for your pleasure, but the code is disabled!!!

And seriously this is one of the best beats ever!!!!!  Thank you Kaney West...

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