Friday, March 25, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away, That's What All My Haters Say

Went to check out a rad dj called J.Rocc a few weeks ago and I must say I was quite impressed.  I tend to be a super hater when it comes to music because I get bored.  Well, actually to be honest I get bored of everything, but music is a main love and I like when djs mix cool shit and J.Rocc mixed super tight hip hop, soul and disco-all favorites of mine.  I really did not know anything about his music and I went just for fun and after reading a bit about him online I found out that he is an original turntablist and that pretty much explains why he sounded so good!

I was so lucky that it wasn't raining ferociously that night because I did not want to get soaked.  It's also not cool to take an umbrella to a show because you have to carry it the whole night so I was pretty stoked that I did not have to babysit that shit. It's impossible to tell because the photos are in black and white, but I am wearing my rainbow snake skin boots and this super awesome cream lace dress that I found for $5 at Target.  

I was going through a bunch of photos and I came across these from a super fun/fancy birthday dinner party that I attended last month. The restaurant was on a hill and the view was spectacular.  

Love my new Doll House ankle boot platforms.

The food was alright.  I ordered the Capellini Diablo with giant scallops and I knew I should have picked the catfish because I wasn't sure if I was a fan of cream marinara sauces.  Lesson learned, definitely trust your gut, but that gives me another excuse to go back, dress up and pop a bottle of champagne.

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