Sunday, January 4, 2009

Feeling Crafty

Today I felt a bit crafty and decided to customize a shirt. I don't even know how it happened. I haven't made anything in a while, but all of a sudden I had the urge to cut someone, err I mean something up. I realize that it sounds strange, but if you KNOW me you are quite aware of the fact that 60% of what I say is pure sarcasm.

Back to my epiphany that I HAD to make something. As I perused I remembered that my sister told me that Kat Von D had a shirt tutorial on youtube. I gave it a look and as soon as it was over I was feverishly searching for a tee shirt in the pile of neatly folded clothes on the carpeted floor and through my drawers full of tops.

I finally decided on my new mustard yellow "I Love NY" shirt, got the pair of "good scissors" and cut cut cut until I had about like fifteen cuts horizontally and one running through almost the entire back of the shirt. I connected the long flaps that formed after the multiple cuts by tying them together and did a similar treatment to the sleeves except I did not tie the flaps together and instead let them hang.

The shirt looked hot but it needed a little, shall we say BANG and the natural thing of course was to embellish it with beads so I hung three beads on three flaps per sleeve and tied the ends to keep the beads from falling off. The shirt was looking pretty fly by this point but I thought that I might as well go all the way and "hooch" it up a bit by cutting the collar a bit and making it a v neck. The results are dope nonetheless.


The Kat Von D Tutorial:

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