Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aha! Moment

Now I know why the ladies go crazy for Common...

"Announcement" by Common
(Feat. Pharrell Williams)

I'm gonna take you to the tip top babyx3
everybody i'd like to announce
throw your hands up when we in the house
yeah this is hip-hop baby
i'm gonna take you to the tip top baby
and tell your girl that the tickets is out
and we gonna do this till they kicken us out
caz this is hip hop baby
I'm gonna take you to the tip top baby

Live from the south side this one
hide your gun
representen shaw town to the fullest
raps are bullets
see those rappers they be dunken
when comm be bucken in the kitchen fucken
on the sink got my momma a mink
common is the link
thought the game was extinct
them jeans is a slim shady
brought them back from the 80's
now let's make some babies
freestyle paid off
so link in pavement
now we can push more whips then slavery
how they taim me in this rap shit
my roots is deep
you heard the bitch in you
yeah i know what's beef
let it cook
and i pop like grease
you thirsty niggers can't shot my feast
i still love her she be needing a dick
when it comes to hip hop it's just me and my bitch


Pharrell verse
your like what da fuck the is the whether
my name crossed my rose
so quickly i bought another
sorry mr. william moved out the building
spot to the top 50 ft was the silliam
slow down son your killing them
well funding it it was not
she reveals remonist and give me chills
when puff was with biggy
this I cheat on every niggy
like a cop deportion drove through a city
now all the little bitty’s don’t argue the pretty
I was a magician as marazo made a missin
My dick is like a blow pop baby
And if get’s stiff get some botax baby
A show out baby now show me you gonna act right
And I’ll be cuddling backwards like a track bite
She don’t’ know the casio cost 100
It’s been two years since I’ve done it now all the rappers want it


As I sit back relax with Chicago on my back
Unzip the backpack pull out a 50 yap
I’ll probably go to jail but nahh that ain’t me
I style crazy
A net like jay z
The black co jac
I get money and want more stacks
The rap photographer the way the flow stacks
Brah’s say are you a philosopher?
Yeah yeah I’ll philosopha on top of ya


1 comment:

  1. i freakin love this song!
    i always play it when i do an urban fill-in.