Saturday, July 18, 2009

Girl, You Look Fly!

It's been a minute since I had a fashion post about my lovely self. I get caught up talking about street fashion all the time I forget to talk about my own wardrobe! The first dress is vintage and I purchased it at a cute shop called Black & Brown in San Jose for $26. When I showed it to my mom and aunt they gave me hella shit because they couldn't believe I would pay that much for something they used to get for $10 in the early 90's, ha! I paired this dress with a copper jacket from Flying Tomato, bought at Globa on Haight Street in San Francisco. As you can see I'm wearing my favorite earrings which I milk practically every day and are falling apart (cheap at $6), they're from H&M and even though you can't see my shoes they are the Steve Madden. Notice the band aid on my knee, an hour prior to this I fell on my ass in front of a club and cut it up real bad. My suede orange/red clutch is also vintage and it was gifted to me when I turned 22 by my lovely friend Daisy who I haven't seen in over a year, damn I miss that girl...

My hair is black now, FINALLY! It was looking pretty tow up and I did it a few weeks ago for the wedding in DC. You know your hair looks a mess when even your own mother is telling you to do something about it. I LOVE this Metallica shirt and I wear it as often as possible. I think I'm totally into it because it fits big and it's really comfortable. It also rocks because I customized it myself by making a few cuts on the sleeves and the sides. My cousin Rosa from Mexico just mailed me a Virgen de Guadalupe giant tee, which is going to get the same exact treatment soon. The shorts I'm wearing have also been making lots of appearances this summer because it's been hot as a skillet. They used to be long jeans purchased at the Gap when I used to work there and I cut them up as well because there was no reason for me to buy shorts when I can just make shorts. The espadrilles are a hit wherever I go, I get tons of compliments little do people know that they were dirt cheap at $6. Can you tell I like to bargain shop?

The copper jacket made a comeback this past weekend at a little trip to the skate park in SF. I paired it with a paisley loose top gifted to me by my mother and jeans from H&M. The clunky shoes are Diego di Lucca and they are hand me downs from my mother's friend. I usually wear them when I'm going for a 70's look or with summery dresses. This outfit was put together randomly without giving it much thought and I'd say it worked out pretty well, I love when that happens.

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