Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The San Francisco Presidio

My vacation is dwindling down slowly. Yesterday I spent the day in San Francisco doing a bit of exploring at the good ol' Presidio while I can still devote entire week days to doing things like this. I used to come here weekly when I interned for the San Francisco Film Festival and I would spend my breaks walking through the property and taking photos of all the beautiful buildings. This time though, I revisited those same buildings with a trusty photographer to capture me in the photos.

I had never walked through the San Francisco National Cemetery so I thought this would be the perfect occasion to do so, since it's also part of the Presidio. The cemetery was probably the most fun because you can hide behind the tombstones and play a little game of hide and go seek, but the view alone of the bay is enough to make one happy and at peace. This cemetery is the only one in the entire city and the people buried here are veterans of many wars so even though this would be a great spot to be put to rest forever it's not possible, bummer.

Plan your visit, it's all free baby!

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