Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Image Is Not Enough

Wow, this is evidence of what a bit of styling can do for an outfit. Look at how absolutely classy and beautiful the model looks in the first photo compared to the model at the Balenciaga FRTW show. The dress is gorgeous, but you don't really get that impression from the fashion show shot. It's a bit 1940's and I love that it's sheer, the trend for Fall 2009. The emerald hue is so rich and divine I wish I had $8,950 to buy it and wear it out to dinner or to a wedding. Big ups to magazines for their photo spreads, Harper's in particular always chooses the best photographers and stylists. They are truly imperative to the fashion industry because they give a different light to the clothes and a whole different spin to how one could wear the outfit out.

1st photo: Harper's Bazaar, August 2009, page 134
2nd and third photos from
For the entire Balenciaga Fall 2009 Ready to Wear collection:

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